The aim of Unfolding Kafka Festival 2017 is to provide a platform for outstanding artistic trends in the field of contemporary performance in Thailand. The persistent fascination for Kafka’s style and for his mysterious character reveals and provides us with room for interpretation. In a natural and rational way, Kafka combines obscure and surreal scenarios with the real world, a motif which today is used in a variety of literary and cinematic formats. But, we intend to challenge our Thai audience by avoiding focusing solely on the text of Franz Kafka, and instead, by extending the interpretation of his work through visual art and choreography, which is what the festival revolves around.

Where: Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand 

When: 15 to 30 November 2017

Deadline for applications: 15 April 2017 

Unfolding Kafka Festival in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Thailand, Japan Foundation Thailand, the French Embassy Thailand, MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum and 18 Monkeys Dance Theatre is looking for a German artist to present an existing piece inspired by the concepts as found in Kafka’s work, which define the direction of the festival. Therefore, we are interested in pieces, which have a clear connection to the ideas of animalism, folding/unfolding material and/or human body, gender & identity.

How to apply:

Send your email with your company / artist name as email subject, attach technical rider and budget and application form to

Open Call Application Form (the form needs to be completed in English)

  1. Company / artist(s) name
  2. Website
  3. Genre
  4. Title of the piece / project

5.Description of the project (max. 200 words)

  1. Duration / length of the piece
  2. Name, surname of artists
  3. Other people travelling and their roles
  4. Credits
  5. Vimeo link of the full performance (and password)
  6. technical details (attach rider)
  7. Proposed performance fee (attach budget)
  8. Other information

Contact details:
Jitti Chompee

For further information please

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