To mark Clod Ensemble’s 25th year, we are revisiting our first-ever production and inviting you to contribute to the creative process.

Where: Your home

When: Now until lockdown is lifted

In April 1995, we began rehearsals for The Feast During The Plague – a musical adaptation of Pushkins’ ‘little tragedy’, following a group of Londoners attempting to celebrate life in the midst of a terrible plague.

In planning how to mark our 25th anniversary, we did not imagine that we would find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic.

In light of the circumstances, we are returning to The Feast During the Plague to rethink the ethics of gathering, as we struggle – both individually and collectively – to comprehend illness and contagion, to work out how to connect and care for each other without physical contact, to quiet the urge to congregate, and to navigate the moral complexities of having a good time whilst others are suffering.

We are inviting you to contribute.

We invite you to create either a short sequence of movement in response to one of these three rehearsal tracks, or to add your voice (or another instrument) to the choir of a song. Then, if you want to, we’d love you to record it and send it to us.

We plan to create a live performance and film installation sometime in the not too distant future. We’ll add all contributions to a bank of source material for our company of dancers and performers to work with. Your contribution may be developed by someone or it may be used in its original form. We also plan to share some of these clips online over the coming months. Everyone who contributes will be listed as a collaborator.

Read more about the project here:

How to apply: Follow the instructions here:


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