Tuning Scores Practice is the life’s work of the dance artist Lisa Nelson.

Where: Florence, Italy

When: 27-28 April 2024

Deadline for applications: 25 April 2024

Tuning Scores Practice is the life’s work of the dance artist Lisa Nelson, and as such can’t be put down in just a few paragraphs. They are a tool that Lisa Nelson with colleagues have been developing since many decades.
For starters though, it can be said, that through practicing Tuning Scores together we show each other how we see and experience dance. The unity of the doer and the watcher, of the “inside” and the “outside” perspective, is felt and practiced. We notice how we ourselves edit our dance, through internal “calls”. Some of these calls can then also become audible, as they are called by any individual to the whole space. Some examples of “calls” are: pause, begin, end, repeat, reverse, re-situate, report, etc. The calls are often surprising and by applying them we practice detachment.
In effect, the Tuning Scores provide a ground for the meeting of all abilities and practices. Because they work with timing, with vision, and with sensing – all things we all track and play with all the time. 
The final destination of Tuning Scores Practice is the so-named state of “Go”, where the calls are no longer necessary, because the group has tuned-in.
For the rest, it best be experienced. We’ll explore it together. All levels are welcome.

How to apply: send an email to spaziogada@gmail.com

Costs for participants: 100€

Contact details: spaziogada@gmail.com

For further information, please visit https://www.instagram.com/gada_playhouse/

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