Tuning into the Wild. Shared Workshops of somatic practices, voice and permaculture.

Where: Casina Settarte. Contrada La Chiusa, 72017 Ostuni, Italy.

When: 10th – 15th August

Tuning into the Wild is a PROJECT aiming to connect us deeply with a wild state in which we find our real nature, our weight on the mother  earth.
The different workshops, going from somatic practice, to acrobatic voice and permaculture, will focus on developing awareness and creativity through voice-movement. It will take place amidst the scenic red earth of Puglia – South Italy, which will be our inspiration “muse” : Nature will be our guide, resonating in our instinctual wildness at the same time the sense of complete belonging in a place in which our identity can expand until we can feel ourselves being part of moving clouds, a sliver of grass shivering in the wind.
We will work in a dance studio that is open to the landscape around and we will also enjoy the sea at sunrise and secular olive tree forests, as well as excursions in a natural and undisturbed place.
This project will inspire both movers, dancers, actors, singers and those interested in Naturalism, Permaculture, Ecopsicology, Deep Ecology, and to whom that wants to leave space for wonder and celebrate the soul of the world.

To register, please send an Email with your interest to  info@casinasettarte.org   You will receive all info about the workshop and the modality of payment.

Costs for participants: 350 euro per person.  Discount for groups of 3 or more people (290euro)

Contact details info@casinasettarte.org

For further information, please visit http://www.casinasettarte.org/wordpress/

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