Try auditions for season 2024/2025 – international training and research program for young dancers (Italy).

Lucca (italy)17th February 2024,
Brusseles (belgium) 30th March 2024,
Florence (italy) 1st June 2024,
Vienna (austria)date and place to be confirmed

When: video auditions for non-european and no-shengen candidates open call from may 6th till may 19th 2024

Deadline for applications: three days before the audition

Try is aimed at young international dancers aged 18 to 22 who have finished their high school diploma, have a professional dance education and wish to find guidance in planning their career to become professional dancers and in preparing for other auditions.
Try offers an intensive program of daily classes, movement and research labs and workshops with numerous international renowned teachers, choreographers, independent artist throughout the year, students will acquire a strong technical foundation by studying different techniques: contemporary technique, ballet, yoga, release, floor work, partnering, IntAct method, repertoire, flying low etc at the same time , Try wants to give students the tools to better understand their capacity to become independent and creative artist, dancer, mover through exploration and research, improvisation and creation

How to apply:
submit the application online form on the website: in the page audition after applying, you will receive a confirmation via email with further details about the audition day keep in mind that the registration deadline for the different auditions is 3 days before the auditions.

Auditions are free for participants.

Contact details:
e mail  /
TRY – Motore 592
via Matteo Civitali 592 – Lucca (Italy)

administration: associazione amici delle arti. via nottolini 43 Lucca (Italy)

For further information, please visit