Intensive 5day summer workshop in Utrecht with work of TRIBE// a new UK company creating visceral, raw and punchy dance. Movement driven emotive work, from a bold new choreographic voice Victoria Fox Markiewicz lead by Sabrina Gargano.

Where: Danscentrum Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands

When: 29/06 – 03/07

Deadline for applications: 28/06

TRIBE// dancer Sabrina Gargano will lead a physical and raw week, where we start the day with a dynamic 2 hour class in the mornings with the afternoon free to exploring TRIBE//s trademark physical movement style and partnering work. Learning current repertoire and diving into creating material through TRIBE//s choreographic process.
My practice ‘physical freedom’ looks at using the whole of our body as an expressive power to find an honest, powerful and individual way of moving. To develop a greater physical awareness to access our full potential as a dancer and performer, through Improvised and set material.

Starting class with Improvisation, we will look at opening and articulating the body individually finding our full range of movement possibilities and create a movement toolkit. Playing with contrasting qualities, dynamics, energies how to move between them and how to interrupt our bodies pathways expanding and developing new ones as we work from inside out.

We then move into longer fast paced physical phrases exploring the floor and vertical work, use gravity, free fluid upper body, articulate spine, strong rooted lower body and use of the body as a whole to take and cover the space. Exploring moving between detailed subtleties to extreme body moves developing our performance power connectivity and efficiency.

About company TRIBE//:
TRIBE// a new UK company creating visceral, raw and punchy dance. Movement driven emotive work, from a bold new choreographic voice Victoria Fox Markiewicz.

TRIBE// quickly gaining a reputation for a gutsy emotive and visceral choreographic style with a striking visual aesthetic. Choreographer Victoria Fox strives to create performances that are relevant to her audience by being both socially aware and astute, creating movement that speaks and connects, drawing from her 19 years professional experience as a dancer, touring with world renowned companies.
These workshops will be led by TRIBE// dancer Sabrina Gargano (Companhia Instàvel Tom Dale, Beatrice Allegranti Dance Theatre, Becky Namgauds and Jasmin Vardimon Company)

Saturday 29th of June until the 3th of July 2019
10.00-12.00 Physical & Dynamic Morning Class
12.00-13.30 Lunchbreak
13.30-16.30 Exploring – TRIBE// – work

Тo apply:
Send an email to with
– Name
– Address
Motivation of max. 3 lines
– CV
– If you are a student, copy of your card.

Doubting cause you think you lack experience? Please just contact us. We want to try to create a dynamic group where we have a mixture of all kind of movers with one common denominator: the necessity to MOVE.

Costs for participants:
€195 Students, €220 Regular.
(Only weekend – €120, Only the 3 week days – €150)

Contact details: Lotte Dekkers

For further information, please visit

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