Transitheart Productions is looking for male and female dancers, no matter which nationality, but based in Austria for the production „Ulli Ullmann“ with Performances at tanzhafenFESTIVAL (27.4.2019) and sicht:wechsel Festival (6.6.2019) in Linz!

Where: Linz, Upper Austria, Austria

When: 25th of March – ca. 11th of April (first phase of rehearsal) and 21st of May – 6th of June (second phase of rehearsal) 2h-6h daily

Content of Project „Ulli Ullmann“:

The idea of this project came out of the daily life of a wheelchair user and her experiences with the topics Sexuality and Eroticism. The approach and dramaturgy are based on conversations with the „wheelchair user“ Ulli Ullmann, who could clarify to the project team, that her individual confrontations with this topic are going into much deeper interpersonal relationships and social layers and raise questions of enormous topicality.

We assume from the „absurd“: a female dancer in the wheelchair, who usually doesn‘t get associate with Eroticism from society, refers to her body as an object of desire. Keywords like femininity, aesthetics, attractiveness will be questioned. The implementation through dance and performance thereby is a challenge for all of the participating artists, because the aim is to search conceptually and visually for a handwriting, which professionally draws nearer to the topic, starting from the personal (hi)story of Ulli Ullmann. This handwriting should find new forms of aesthetics on stage and a new form of dealing with the „restriction“ respectively the extension of the wheelchair. Simultaneously it should dissociate from the art pedagogical approach of the work with disabled people.

Fears, perceptions and prejudices amongst restrictions – as well as differences because of skin colour, origin, gender etc. – beginning with the concrete case of Ulli Ullmann, will be performed in various performative ways and should make a connection to a possible identification, an empathy, a contemplation with the possible question: What is a wheelchair? Or otherwise: Who is looking at your butt, when nobody can see it? In that sense: Let the female wheelchair user get on the pole and admire her butt, which we don’t set eyes on usually.

For this Project, we’re looking for female and male dancers with Acting qualities and a high Level of Dancing Skills!

To apply, please send us an E-mail with your Bio and some Excerpts of your previous Work to

Pay: 700,00€ all In

For further information, please visit

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