TOWARDS is a cycle of intensive workshops that besides the physical praxis, includes evening lectures, video screenings, and performances. It’s the metaphor of aiming at something – to expose and engage ourselves in physical investigations and conceptual challenges that can foster creativity and encourage discoveries.

Where: Vitlycke – Center for Performing Arts, Tanumshede, Sweden

When: May 27 – June 7, 2019

• 27 – 31 MAY (5 DAYS = 25H) •
Frey Faust
“The Axis Syllabus”

Biography + Workshop:
Frey Faust is a veteran of the New York contemporary dance scene, and a well-known dancer, choreographer and movement teacher in Europe. In the late 90’s he developed an interdisciplinary movement analysis system: ‘The Axis Syllabus’.
The AS recognizes both broad general commonalities as well as unique individual qualities and proportions and invites the student to work with rather than against their body’s resources. In his workshop, Frey Faust invites the participants to practice joint centration and dynamic alignment, explore various options for optimal articular motion and practice turning physics to their favor for both large and small-scale movements.
The 5th edition of the AS is free with your paid subscription to the Axis Syllabus International Research Network forum:

• 3 – 7 JUN (5 DAYS = 25H) •
Laura Aris
“Play Full Body”

Technical exercises and improvisations with a clear framework will be the starting point for work in a group, couples or individuals. We will look for creative impulses that, when released, offer us new possibilities for achievement. We will observe how, sometimes, extreme qualities maintain a balanced tension, that the tension attracts attention, and that many times, silence speaks.

Laura Aris is a performer, choreographer & international teacher. Her performing experience includes a decade as a formal member of the Belgium company Ultima Vez/Wim Vandekeybus, Lanònima Imperial and General Elèctrica artistic collective, in Barcelona. Currently, she is working as a freelance artist developing her own creative practices, creating several solo works and many collaborative performances.

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Costs for participants:
2 workshops = 450€ | (accommodation is included)
1 workshop = 270€ | (accommodation is included)

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