The Tough Movement Workshop provides the physical and mental tools to enhance and raise awareness in a “performing body” as well as training it through the exploration of physical movement using various elements like physical fitness training, martial arts and stage presence work.

Where: Freiburg/Merzhausen; Germany

When: 04./05. July 2020 11h-15h

In the beginning of the class we involved joint movement and activation of the muscle tonus (through isometric positions or slow movements) awakening the proprioception and making an auto analysis of the body

After we will work on set movement phrases, using the spiral as a basic principal of organic movement; to achieve comprehension of the physical movement on various levels (especially on the floor) and the spacial connections, as well as the motor of the movement and nuances or textures of movement (speed and quality).

The movement material can be described as raw, with with acrobatic elements, challenging speed, coordination and spacial orientation.

We then dive into principles of locomotion in positions on hands and feet and rolling motion advancing in space, evolving little by little towards a more complex movement (transitions on hands, elbows, head and shoulders, generating suspensions of the body). By doing so we also train the muscular and cardio-respiratory endurance taking the participants out of their physical comfort zone which results in a gain in power and rendition on stage.

At the end we develop movement material that searches for a physical challenge through speed and agility, by consciously using the space, the muscle tonus, and bodily isolations or unusual coordinations to re-evaluate one´s physical material.

About Raul Martinez:
Graduated from the Taller Nacional de Danza – Conservatorio El Barco in Costa Rica in 20019.He has worked in many projects as a dancer and choreographer (National company of Dance in Costa Rica, National Company of El Salvador, ADN Dialect in Switzerland, Núcleo Viladanca in Brasil amongst others). He has been awarded with various prizes such as National Prize of Dance from Costa Rica in the category Best Dancer Of The Year in 2011.

How to register: via Mail:

Costs for participants: Price: 80€ Regular Price / 75 Euro (Early Bird bis 28. Juni 2020)

Contact details: Studio Pro Arte
In den Sauermatten 6a
79249 Merzhausen/Freiburg

For further information, please visit

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