Toscana Dance HUB and Music HUB are two programs providing three weeks of intensive dance and music training with world renowned international dance artists, choreographers, and master teachers, in Florence, Italy. Giada Ferrone created the programs in collaboration with the Florence Dance Center and music director Robert Boston, with affiliation with the prestigious Florence Dance Festival.

Where: July 10-21

When: Florence, Italy

The goal behind the program is to reach beyond geographical and cultural borders and to offer a creative environment of growth, research, and self-discovery.

The dance program is designed for dancers ages 18-29 who are interested in strengthening their technique while furthering their artistic expression. In addition to taking 3 technique classes a day, participants learn new choreography, attend professional performances, visit museums, and immerse themselves in the vibrant artistic Italian community.

Music HUB, the Music Program for Dance Accompanists, trains classically trained musicians to play for and compose for dance. The music students observe dance classes taught during Toscana Dance HUB played by the music mentors and eventually play as well.
They take classes and lectures in various subjects related to being a dance accompanist: how to arrange/compose music for dance classes, how to promote themselves as dance accompanists, relationship with teachers and students, etc. The program affords the music students several performing opportunities while in Italy both on their own and in collaboration with the dancers.

* professional choreographers’ residencies;
*40 plus hours of rehearsals;
*30 morning technique classes with 6 teachers (somatics, yoga, Pilates, ballet, contemporary);
*1 studio showing in collaboration with the musicians of Music HUB;
*1 professional performance in an outdoor venue.

Our upcoming season is welcoming 2 international dance artists/collaborators. See below for video reels of their work.

WEEK I with Emilie Camacho July 10-14 350 Euro

WEEK II with Ryan Mason July 16-20 350 Euro

WEEK I and II with a performance at the Florence Dance Festival 500 Euro

Two students who show interest and talent for dance composition are asked each summer to create a new work on fellow dancers while in residency at TDH. The young choreographers are mentored by the dance faculty and collaborate with the music students of Music HUB who compose/perform original music for their work.

The music students and music mentor perform in an evening dedicated entirely to music showcasing vast range and vision.

The program affords the dance and music students several performing opportunities while in Florence, access to view professional performances at the Florence Dance Festival and a myriad of activities and total immersion in the vibrant cultural life of Italy.

Please see below for promo videos of last year’s intensive.

WEEK I 2017

WEEK II 2017


How to apply

Please email CV, dance photo and dance reel (showing both classical and contemporary training) to

Costs for participants

ONE WEEK 350 Euro TWO WEEKS with performance 500 Euro

Contact details:
Giada Ferrone

For further information please visit

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