Be a part of one of the most dynamic and diverse performing arts festivals in the heart of Greece.

Where: Thessaloniki, Greece

When: 15-19 May 2024

Deadline for applications: 04 December 2023

Are you an imaginative performer, a theatre maker, or a creative mind ready to captivate audiences? Join us at Thessaloniki Fringe Festival, a celebration of the extraordinary and the unconventional in the world of performing arts. Companies and individual artists from various disciplines can apply. We also love to hear about innovative out of the box ideas.
Dare to be bold. Dare to be fringe.

How to apply:
1) Carefully read the FAQs for artists on our website
2) Use the “Apply Here” button on the website, it will direct you to our partner Eventotron. Register with your email address.
3) Once logged in, create your event profile by clicking “add an event”
4) From there, choose “+ Join Festival” and select Thessaloniki Fringe Festival
5) Follow the instructions in the application form.

Costs for participants:
Applying is free of charge. Once the participation is confirmed, 60 € registration fee and 150 € deposit will be due.

Contact details:
(+30) 6934724111

For further information, please visit

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