A free conversation and professional development opportunity to learn more about the neuroscience of creativity through the cycles of entropy and creativity.

Where: virtual

When: Tuesday May 24th, 2PM Eastern Daylight Time

Bianca Paige Smith, B.S. Neuroscience, MA Contemporary Dance Performance, speaks about the natural chemical process of entropy, its role in the creative process and how we can nurture the natural cycles of energy through our bodies to support a holistic approach to building a creative career.

There is nothing wrong with you. You are not lacking anything. In fact, your body follows its own rhythm to let you know when it is time to withdraw, to collect, to sit in receptivity and be nourished by this withdrawal of energy in order for you to catch the next spark of freshness that your life is asking you to bring out into the world.

From the principles of neuroscience and contemporary dance alongside a discussion on the energetics of our chemistry, Bianca will share a bit more about what is going on inside during these creative cycles and the importance of being able to recognize it within yourself so that you can honor and advocate for yourself as you move through your creative career.

You are valuable because you exist. Your brilliance is meant to be shared with the world. You are here to bring out something unique, completely new, once in a lifetime. This deserves to be honored. The goal is the journey, so let’s meet at this point on our journeys and exchange together.

It is free to attend and all are welcome. If you’d like to make a donation the suggested donation is $11. Please make a conscious choice about your commitment. By signing up, you have entered into an exchange with your higher self and are supported to honor your commitment by showing up.

Donations can be made here: https://square.link/u/dXieHLfz

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Costs for participants: It is free to attend and all are welcome.

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