An Intensive Workshop by Carlos Rodero. Our body is our identity. It is us. Us, living in community. At that moment, the body therefore acquires a political dimension.

Where: Eden Studios, Breite Straße 43, 13187 Berlin, Germany

When: February 24th & 25th

Deadline for applications: Until we reach the max particpants [15]

An International Intensive Workshop by Carlos Rodero

February / 2024

Two sessions

Saturday, February 24th from 10,00 to 18,00
Sunday February 25th from 10,00 to 18,00.


Our body is our identity. It is us. Us, our body, living in community. At that moment, the body therefore acquires a political dimension.

The pressure from the political system and its interests directly affects our body and the relationship we have with it. This necessarily concerns our work as performers, because it is our body that is on stage, showing, building and defending a dramaturgy.
When we talk about the political body, we refer to the practices and policies through which the powers of society rule the human body. This requires an ongoing work on the degree of individual and social control of our body, and on the awareness of how far our body can be free. These powers include institutional power expressed in government and laws, disciplinary power demanded in economic production, discretionary power exercised in consuming, and personal power negotiated in intimate relationships.

Our political experiences are embodied; we do not merely think politics, we do and feel it.

Our performance may or may not have a political content, it may postulate statements, claims, protests, demands directly related to an issue that we define without much reflection as political. But it is always a political body, because it has been formed in an established framework that has shaped its subjectivity, its sense of expression and its artistic responsibility.

How does this affect our vision, our work as performers and builders of scenic realities, our physical presence on stage?

More than any other contemporary artistic practice, performance art is defined by the immediacy with which the performer expresses his or her position in the world he or she creates. In the precise act of performing, we question, through the public exposure of our relationship to status, the cultural rules that we might reject or accept.
Through a series of physical practices specially elaborated to answer this and other questions, we will explore and become aware of the political dimensions of our body to achieve the power of decision and control over what we want to do on stage and how to shape them from our daily lives and social contexts.

We will explore:

Body, identity and individuality.
The image I have of my body and what others see.
Whose is my body?
The embodiment of disobedience
Gender & Race
The body as an object
The limitations of time and space
Post-human body & technology
How free is my body?


We will accept students or performers who base and inspire their work in the body, movement or physicality [dancers, physical theatre performers], from any part of the world.

In order to work with a certain detail and deepness we have a limited spots available, accepted by a strict order of registrations.

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