In this series of somatic classes, we will work on developing and reprogramming functional movement patterns and learning to use the body-mind with more efficiency, precision, and greater ease.

Where: Online – Zoom

When: September 18. – 22. 2023

I will walk you through a personalized toolkit of four (4) different nervous system exercises. Based on neuroscience, these lessons are designed to reorganize your brain and movement patterns and help you move easily and freely.

→ Discover how to wake up your spine as a pillar of longevity.
→ Learn how to reorganize and initiate movement from the “powerhouse” – center and the midline of the body.
→ Clarify awareness of joints and their function in motion through experiential learning.
→ Find the skeletal connection from head to toe to move with ease and joy.
→ Reprogram parasitic muscular tension; the secret tweak to move like an elite athlete.
→ Rewire coordination of the muscles in the front with the muscles in the back for pain-free movement.
→ Improve posture in standing, walking, and sitting = glide through life effortlessly.
→ Embody timing, sequencing, and reversibility to biohack your habitual movement patterns.
→ Optimize the distribution of work of big and small muscles to create more energy.
→ Synchronize the movement of the eyes with the rest of self.
→ Regulate multiple psycho-physical processes by recreating the breathing patterns.
→ Fine-tune emotional, mental, and physical body.

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