The Urge of Being is a creative expedition and workshop on the sailing boat Lafri. It is open to performing artists and artists of all genres, creatives and researchers.
The expedition includes an initial dry-land workshop in Athens, a sailing week in the Cyclades archipelago on Lafri Boat and a final dry-land workshop with a public presentation in Andros island.

Where: LAFRI sailing boat, Cyclades Archipelago, Greece

When: June 16th – 26th (11 overnights)

Deadline for applications: May 25th, 2024

June 16th – 26th (11 overnights)

Meeting point: Athens
Embarkation port: Lavrio
Sailing week in the Cyclades archipelago
Disembarkation port: Andros (Korthi)

The Urge of Being is a creative sea voyage and creative expedition addressed to artists and creative people who want to experience what happens when we expose ourselves and our creative processes to the immensity of the sea.
We will explore what happens when we take artistic processes out of a purely anthropocentric context and expose them to the immensity of the sea for an extended period of time.

Daniela Marcozzi is theater performer, director, researcher, trainer and former Environmental Biotechnologist.
In recent years Daniela has organized forward research projects, international art residencies in Italy, Greece and Baja California (Mexico), with the intention of bringing her artistic languages closer to the immensity of the sea, its forces, creatures and urges.

The Urge of Being has four main phases:

1. Preparation online
2. one-day dryland workshop (Athens)
3. one-week sailing
4. two-day dryland workshop and final presentation in (Andros)

Formation of the group and online meeting to get to know each other, to give logistic information, to share theoretical content about the basis of the creative expedition, touching the following scientific and artistic points:

– Ecology: Introducing the relation between ecology and the Performing arts by sharing some research projects, performances, expeditions of recent years.
– Sensorial experience: neuroscience approach to perception, to the evolutionary role of our senses, to their limits, to their functions.
– Embodiment and emotions: how emotions and embodiment allow our survival. Biological theory of emotions and feelings by Antonio
Damasio and Candace Pert.

The workshop consists of a group-based training and creative process that includes tools of physical theater, vocal training, movement research, techniques of embodiment, composition and dramaturgy. It is a flow of work in which specific exercises of physical theatre,
Plastique Sequence and Body-voice training that derive from J. Grotowski’s training and research, that have been transmitted to Daniela Marcozzi by Peter Rose, former student of Grotowski.
The workshop puts the performers’ organism in the condition of continuously adjusting its homeostasis in order to position itself in the present moment and space and quickly react to the given situation.
The driving force of the work is urgency, understood as an unconditional urge to survive at any level.
The work invites performers to consciously generate their own urgency by working with the body’s internal impulses.

More about Daniela’s training can be found here.
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We’ll embark on a one week expedition in the Cyclades archipelago.
During this period several daily activities will be proposed to articulate the experience that we are having on the boat through
artistic means.
In tune with the rhythms and navigational demands of sailing on the open sea, we will carry out an exercise routine during the week of the expedition.

– Tuning exercises: meditation and breathing exercises and martial arts warm-up sequences aimed at tuning our proprioception, connecting with our surroundings

– Embodiment exercises: we will explore the undulatory component of movement, gesture and action. The undulatory nature of voice, the union of body and voice.

– Creative writing exercises for the creation of texts that will either directly be part of the performance or inspire it.

– Sensory exercises
After each session, there will be discussions and feedback.

Sailing, communal life and supporting the daily tasks on the boat (maintenance, cooking, cleaning) will be active parts of the research.

In this final workshop, our artistic explorations will be put together into a fluid dramaturgy that can include different artistic languages depending on the group members.
The material we created during the week of sailing, such as texts, videos, movement sequences, physical vocal improvisations, personal and group reflections, will go into a fluid dramaturgy that is open to eventual interaction and dialogue with the audience.
We’ll bring together personal and group reflections and artistic creations into a common dramaturgy and share it with the audience.

The workshop has a limited number of participants: 4 to 6 participants
+skipper, +workshop facilitator.

If you have any questions, please contact Daniela Marcozzi at or by phone or whatsapp: +39 351 886 7010.

To register to the workshop, please fill up the online application at
this link:

Costs for participants:
Total costs in a single cabin: 1290€. In a shared cabin: 1150€  ​ Price: 120€ /day/person in a single or 105€/day/person in a shared a cabin. The costs includes: boat expenses, fuel, water, food on board, port fees, accommodation on board.  The costs doesn’t include: drinks, cleaning, cooking, helping the skipper with sailing the boat, bus from Athens to Lavrio.

Contact details:
phone and whatsapp: +39 351 886 7010

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