The Space Workshop is five-days workshop provides research-based practical tools to deal with the multimedia aspect of dance and movement theatre conceptually, and in realisation of a piece.
During the week, the different aspects of performing space will be examined through creative movement tasks, with special attention to how many ways the use of light and music can be invested to the advantage of a creation of choreographic performances, site-specific installations and instant composition. The compositional focus of the work-week facilitates the deep analysis of the architectural, sonic and emotional aspects of space for performing artists. The awareness from this study can be directly applied in one’s own performative practices.
Performing: Space is led by Emese Csornai, light designer with visual arts background, together with Gabor Csongradi musician and composer.

Where: Studio laborgras, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44A, 10999 Berlin, Germany

When: 2-6th October, 14h-17h

Deadline for applications: 2nd October, Early birds till 15th September

How to apply:

Via e-mail to

Costs for participants:

120€, For early birds: 97€

Contact details: