In the Resonant Body Workshop, we will research the relationship between body, breath, language, and sound.

Where: Tatwerk Performative Forschung, Berlin, Germany

When: 18th January 2020 (3pm – 8pm) & 19th January 2020 (10am – 3pm)

The resonant body is a body that leaves a trace, a reverberation, a physical and an emotional echo in other bodies, capable to fill and feel the visible and the invisible space in the present moment. It is a body that through its empathy and sensibility towards the outside world, creates space for expansion and communion.

In this workshop, we will research the relationship between body, breath, language, and sound. The workshop is structured in two parts. In part one called The listening body we will focus on the relationship between sound and movement by exploring the different ways of listening: towards the inside of our body, to the space around us, the others, nature, the city, and the silence. The idea is to experience sound as an invisible matter that can become visible through our body, going from listening to the embodiment of what we perceive as sound. But how do we relate to sound? What does it mean to embody sound? How can we create a body soundscape? The relationship between performer and musician plays here an important role. To further this relationship, we transfer the practice of listening to the communication between the two involved. With the help of improvisation as a form of spontaneous creation, the idea is to refine the dialogue between performer and musician and to translate it into a practice of collaborative work.

In the second part called The speaking body we will work on the interrelationship between movement, breath and language. First, we will focus on the relationship between movement and breath. Exercising our breathing awareness, the idea is to bring more connection and support towards our movements. When the breath becomes an energy source, we observe how far it can influence and change our presence. How then can breathing become a tool for creation? How can we create a dramaturgy based on our breathing? In order to continue with our research, we go for the next step: the relationship between body and language. How can language be danced? Here we will explore the ways how language and body inhabit each other and the different ways of embodying language considering its sonority, its materiality, its resonance and its (un)significance. Inspiring ourselves by the absurdity and the poetic qualities that emerge from this dialog, the idea is to develop our own speaking body dramaturgies.

We will explore these issues individually and, in the group, extensively using different methods and technics from the performance, dance and physical theater: butoh dance exercises, voice work, improvisation and somatic practices.

This work is open to anyone who is interested, to performers, dancers and musicians and anyone who wants to approach the body as a poetic resonant organism. Open to all levels.

The workshop will be held in English and German.

To register, email:

Costs for participants: 140 Euro/ 120 euro (early birds, students and unemployees)

Contact details: Tatwerk Performative Forschung
Hasenheide 9, Gewerbehof – Aufgang 1, 3. OG, 10967 Berlín

For further information, please visit

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