The Resonant Body Workshop – body-voice practice and movement research.
In this workshop we will work on themes such as memory and identity through body work, movement and voice. The idea is to work with these memories inscribed and performed in ourselves, especially in our body/voice, whatever their origin: personal or ancestral, individual or collective, cultural, social, political or mediatic.

Where: Studio2 , Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin, Germany

When: 21-22.05 / 10am – 3pm

The Resonant Body workshop will be divided in two parts. The first part will be focused on the work with the breath, body-voice, body-mind (imagination), body-emotion connection. The second part will be dedicated to the creation of material related to the themes, individually and in the collective, based on listening and on the body-language relationship.
What is the first thing that performs when I dance? Probably what I already know, what I already feel comfortable with. What happens if I go beyond? And how? What for? How can we go from the memory inscribed in our body to an unknown beyond? What do we need to access other creative states that allow me to free myself from judgments, fears, common places, comfort zones and create new material? Where do those residues, sources, images, on which this being that we are built, come from? Can we free ourselves from our history, and transform it into something new?
The resonant body training is based on improvisation, instant composition, physical theater, Butoh dance practices and somatic body work.
Every day the training begins with a guided group warm up focusing on the relationship between breath, movement and energy work, both individual and within the group. The idea is to free the body-mind of tensions, habits and common places, to access our creativity from a more genuine and sensitive place. It is a kind of cleansing ritual, between trance and meditation.
After, we continue with the more experimental part. Through improvisation exercises both individually and in pairs, we will further explore the connection between movement, breath, voice and language.​ ​Conscious Breath and voice will become a tool for creative choreographic work. We will bring our awareness to how our voice(s) – expressed as sound or language – articulates and energizes our movements and how they can articulate, inhabit and animate each other, creating unexpected qualities, images and emotional landscapes. The different aspects of our voice will be explored physically: sonority, materiality, resonance, rhythm. Inspired by the absurdity and poetry that arise from this playful dialogue, we will develop our own dramaturgy of body-language.
In addition, we will explore the relationship between movement and imagery. Imagery understood as an inner space that can emerge on the surface as a physical event that transforms us today and now.
This workshop is open to performers, dancers, actors, and anyone interested in creative body-voice research.


Costs for participants: 130 Euro

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