Bringing performance and critical theory together, the “Power of Community” is a week-long laboratory for creation, experimentation, and research in Subotica, Serbia, FREE OF CHARGE.

Where: Subotica, Serbia

When: May 16-20

Deadline for applications: Ongoing

Composed of seven thematic workshop (performance, movement improvisation, self-defence, digital media, creative writing…), the “Power of Community” is an invitation from the choreographer-artist-activist Anna Ádám to co-create a political soft space of freedom and care, empathy and resistance, without judgments, without expectations, where we can be who we are, as we are.
Where we progress together, grow together.
Gain confidence and strength from friendship, trust, and togetherness.

Flexible commitment: You don’t have to follow the whole program. You can decide to attend only one or several workshops.

MAY 16, 14.00-17.00: “Who is the boss?”
Keywords: domination, oppression, control, leadership…
You will do: dance / movement research / performance / creative writing / text-performance / sound-poetry / discussion…
About: Why are people so willing to humiliate people from other social groups? What are the factors responsible for psychological and physical aggression? What are those aspects of human nature which lead to social exclusion? What are the cognitive, affective and motivational components of intergroup brutality? How can we resist, protest and fight against domination and oppression? What are our tools and how can we use them?

MAY 16, 18.00-20.00: ” Erotic Writing Circle”
Keywords: pleasure, intimacy, eroticism, sexuality…
You will do: creative writing, lecture performance, sound poetry…
About: In the “Erotic Writing Circle”, we deal with desire, repressed and lived sexual fantasies through creative writing exercises.
​Following simple instructions, we write in our mother tongue (Serbian, Hungarian, English…) erotic texts in various forms (poetry, fiction, diary, sexting…), share, learn, inspire and connect with other erotic literature lovers. We name and dare to name what we have, what we feel, what we desire… We make the vocabulary on sexuality richer, more accurate and more precise. We rewrite words and expressions from our perspective, appropriate and redesign the language of pleasure.
At the end of each session, participants, if they want, can read and share their texts. If you want to approach your body, your desires and your sexuality(s) a little more naturally, liberated and lightly, join us, no previous writing experience is necessary.

MAY 17, 14.00-17.00: “Fear and the Unknown”
Keywords: fear, frustration, anxiety, stress…
You will do: dance / movement research / performance / creative writing / text-performance / sound-poetry / discussion…
About: What are people most afraid of? What are our common fears? Why fear arises and how it can be combatted? What are the causes and cures of fear and anxiety? What is panic? Why the globalized world has become paralyzed by fear? How have we arrived in an age of fear? How fear became an integral aspect of our political discourses, security apparatuses, social and cultural narratives? How fear contributes to the constructions of our personal identity and our relationship with the others? What role does fear and threat play in contemporary societies?

MAY 17, 18.00-19.00: “Play Fight Club”
“Play Fight” is an unrefereed contest in which participants try to dominate each other without inflicting injury. It allows one to develop self-confidence, self-care, self-control both emotionally and physically, learn the difference between acceptable and unacceptable, how to say “no” and when to shout for “help”.
“Play Fight” can also help you to recognize and recycle hidden tensions, blockages, vulnerabilities, denials and fears into self-empowerment and courage.

MAY 18, 14.00-17.00: “Politics of Desire”
Keywords: desire, relationship dynamics
You will do: dance / movement research / performance / creative writing / text-performance / sound-poetry / discussion…
About: We will draw on historical, sociological, religious, feminist and philosophical work to shed critical light on a variety of questions, including: What is desire? What kind of desire do we know? Is there a hierarchy of desire which values some desires and denigrates others? Who and what shapes our desire and does desire shape our lives? Are we enslaved by our desire or by the desire of others? What is the relationship between human desire and obsession? Are we aware of our religious and socio-cultural heritage and their influences on our desire? What is moral, what is normal, and who is empowered to decide it? What are the consequences of satisfying desire? Are we trying to change who we are and trying to turn away from our desires? How are our understandings of masculinity and femininity tied in with what we believe about desire?

MAY 18, 18.00-19.00: “Clean Techno Clubbing”
You don’t need to take additional drugs and drink alcohol to feel yourself happy, free and liberated, simply because you already have these hormones in your body, and you can create a great “cocktail” on your own in a totally conscious way and for FREE. A little bit of dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin: learn how to wake up your hormones, how to produce and control them, how to mix them naturally. Learn how to reach your personal trance state through intensive physical dancing, how to party clean, enjoy drug and alcohol free techno clubbing while staying safe and healthy.

MAY 19, 14.00-17.00: “HOT PAPER LIVE LOVE”
Keywords: sexual representation, gender stereotypes, body norms, standards of beauty…
You will do: drawing, collage, cutouts, writing and live streaming erotic paper-performance / collage peep-show / book-porn…
About: Far from canons and standards of beauty, the objective of this workshop is to make new erotic aesthetics of bodies emerge, transgress stereotypes and normative discourses on sexual representations, while defying the boundaries between genders and multiple sexualities.
​During the workshop, you will create drawings, cutouts, and collages on desire, passion, and lust, compose kinky scenographies, and write sensual choreographies for fingers and hands. You will make eroticism escape from the enclosing pages of books and zines, and let it go on a liberated journey of your intimate fantasies.
You will finish the workshop by live-streaming your erotic paper-performance, collage peep-show or book-porn on the Instagram accounts of the School of Disobedience.

MAY 20, “Right for Fight” performance
From love to hate, blindness to open eyes, desire to boredom, harmony to conflict, we want to stay but leave, end but continue, take care but hurt, open but close. Full of contradiction, oppositional emotions, ambivalent reactions, passionate and irrational choices, this upcoming performance conceives love as a universal combat sport without protective equipment, in which vulnerable fighters constantly rewrite rules, negotiate power, fight with each other, for each other, against each other, next to each other…

Created & Led by:
Anna Ádám is an interdisciplinary artist working within the expanded field of performance art, community activism, social choreography and research. She created the “School of Disobedience”, an experimental, anti-canonical, and radical Performance Art School to encourage amateur, established, and future women artists to stop wanting to prove themselves and be validated, rather raise their voice, think and act critically and freely.

Organized & Produced by:
Klara i Rosa Cultural Centre (Serbia):
School of Disobedience (France):
Gray Box Performance Art Company (France):

How to register:

Free for participants.

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