The Porous Body is a community building workshop that brings together people of different modalities in the arts as well as non artists. This workshop brings out Soares’s working process development as a creator, director, and performer.
Working our bodies, energies and hearts to deconstruct disciplines and enter a magical world.

Where: Gibney Center at Studio 2 890 Broadway New York, NY , USA

When: September 27, 28,29/Monday-Wednesday 2:00-5:00 pm

We will navigate through modalities- visual arts, theater, “the clown”, mime, psychology, to create access to limitless potential and expression in our bodies. We are material beings, we live in our bodies, we express through our body, but we are more than our body. It is a tool and a vehicle. Exploring the body as a creative power, we will activate our imagination, memories, dreams, desires and feeling states, transforming them into communication.

Through specific improvisation exercises and physical and theatrical activities, participants will experience a more porous body where the flow of images and sensations connect to the pulse and action of the moment. Vulnerability acts as an ally as we build a porous body/mind and inhabit a magical world. Soares will direct participants inside these prompts to find a richer performance.

We will develop tools to enhance our artistic and personal journeys. This workshop is specifically geared towards performers but is relevant and open to anyone who wishes to live with more presence, freedom, and authenticity.

How to apply

Costs for participants: $100 for all 3 days $40 for single day $80 early bird rate for 3 days.(register by September20)

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