As part of her choreographic research, Lisi Estaras looks for how to transform the monkey mind (the non-stop conversation inside our heads, the jumping from thought to thought, from one feeling to another, like a monkey from tree to tree) into movement and physical language by identifying specific behavior that creates common ground for encounters. For this LUCKY occasion, Lisi Estaras, together with dancers Fernando Amado and Hanna Bekemans, will share their experience in a workshop format. Lisi is fascinated by people’s ability to communicate without language despite personal complexities or socio-cultural conditioning and their persistent search for intimacy, understanding and empathy using a shared physical vocabulary.

Where: Sophiensaelen Berlin, Germany

When: Friday, 30. March 2018 11:15 & Saturday, 31. March 2018 09:30

Deadline for applications: 23 March

Lisi Esteras & Platform-K

The opportunity to work with people with Down Syndrome (dancers for Platform-K, Ghent) and professional dancers led Lisi Estaras to create the piece Monkey Mind in 2016. She studied dance in Cordoba, Argentina and in Jerusalem, danced with the Batsheva Ensemble in Tel Aviv and joined Les Ballets C de la B in 1997, where she is a member of the pedagogic project, giving workshops and masterclasses in Belgium and internationally. Platform-K is the only Belgian organization that provides professional dance training for people with mental disabilities, creating inclusive dance performances that bring abled and disabled dancers together.


Free for participants.

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