The March is the first international dance workshop about technique Germaine Acogny, two intensive weeks dedicated to understanding the Technique Germaine Acogny: dance, research and dance in nature during.

Where: Ecole des Sables, Senegal

When: 1-15 July 2018

This is about Technique Germaine Acogny. During this workshop, you will learn and understand the Technique Acogny.
Apart from the classes Technique Germaine Acogny, multiple other types of dance classes will be part of the programme. These classes are all taught with the aim to learn as much as possible about Technique Germaine Acogny, such as contemporary dance, traditional African dance forms (as Sabar) and improvisation
There will be an exchange of different cultures because there will be participants from all over the world.
By being, working and dancing in this special place, you will discover yourself as a dancer and as a human being.


l’Ecole des Sables is an extraordinary dance institute for traditional and contemporary African dances, directed by Patrick
Acogny. It has been founded by Helmut Vogt and Germaine Acogny. It is a very important place for the development of African dance and African performers. It has two wonderful studios with views of the savannah and the sea. There is one studio with a solid dance floor and one with a sand floor. It is a very inspirational place, and it is the place where part of Technique Germaine Acogny was developed.
The school is situated in a natural environment close to a small fishing village called Toubab Dialaw, where Senegalese culture and dance can be found.


Germaine Acogny (masterclass) (Benin- Senegal)
Aïda Colmenero Dïaz (Spain)
Julie Dossavi (Benin)
Raouf Tchakondo (Togo)
Rokhaya Thioune (Senegal)

The participants in this workshop are professional or semi-professional dancers, actors dance teachers, circus artists and people who already work with the Acogny technique, or people interested in the movement from all over the world.

HOW to be part of this journey of dance/life?
Send your application to
2 Pictures (dancing and profile)+ CV + MOTIVATION LETTER to explain why you want to be part of this journey.
For us is really important to understand WHY you want to be part of THE MARCH.
you can make your application in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese.

Costs for participants: 850 euros including full training, accommodation, food and transport airport-school

For further information, please visit

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