The eloquent body workshop provides us with intense physical preparation, a study on the definition of presence, and creation tools from the movement.

Where: Barceloneta Centre Cívic, carrer Conreria 1-9, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Friday 26.01.2018 from 10 am to 7 pm
Saturday 27.01.2018 from 3 pm to 7 pm

Dance is our most ancestral and intimate language, ‘writing’, ‘drawing’, ‘talking’ with the body is possible, and its practice allows us to better communicate within and outside the professional scenic context. Communication is creation. We redefine the consciousness of the body and the creation of the movement, and we show that the psycho-physical union is the starting point for the manifestation of our communicative necessity.

In each block, we dedicate the first part to physical preparation, with elements of contemporary techniques based on images and continuous movement, elements of classical technique applied to contemporary dance and a group work on space, the look and reverberation of the body (hands, feet, frontal, dorsal). In the second part, we will prepare for the creation, with a work on the writing of the movement from the translation of a selection of written texts. The focus is first individual and after group.

Physical, psychological and emotional work elements will be presented every day, based on written texts, defying our habits, revealing our presence as interpreters individually and in groups. Each block of 4 hours will be based on the previous one so that the work is progressive, for a total of 12 hours that will culminate in a final creative act.

The eloquent body workshop is open to dancers, actors and performers, to everyone who is professionally dedicated to creating and communicating with the body.

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Costs for participants: 65,34 € (3 blocs)

Contact details:
Phone: 0034 93 256 33 00

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