An amazing Intensive Workshop with Jen Hum, artist and choreographer from Canada, who bring us a training to push the awaresome of our body and make it present.

Where: Vilanova de Gaia, Portugal

When: August 30th – 31st

Deadline for applications: Once reached the maximum of participants [15]

GUEST Program 2022

The body: here and now
A workshop by Jen Hum

It is difficult to be present. What parts of our body are not present? This workshop will introduce participants to a unique physical practice that will bring their body into the here and now.

To succeed, one first has to be present. Do the task at hand. Exercises and exploration will be introduced through both Eastern and Western lenses.

Being present is essential in artistic work; in creating, improvising, choreographing and training.

The physical rigour of Tai ji will open up the body and mind leading to an amazing change to your athletic abilities, resilience and grace.

Once in this ready state, structured improvisation working on artistic embodiment will unveil greater personal expression and transformation through movement. What can be revealed when all of you is here? What opportunities are available when you are here?

Be here.

This workshop is for people who are willing to engage in physical contact, who are trained movers in any discipline and want to experience a surprising new way of moving.

An intensive workshop in two days.

Tuesday August 30th from 18,00 to 21,00 [Lisbon time]
Wednesday August 31st from 18,00 to 21,00


Jen Hum is a chinese performer based in Toronto, Canada. Her early training and performance experience was mainly in Chinese Classical Dance and she danced with a company in Toronto for more than a decade. I was always training: ballet, contemporary, improvisation, Butoh, Physical Theatre, Aerial Dance, Break Dance, Tai Chi, and voice work. She performed with different contemporary dance collectives and companies in Toronto and also did some training in Taiwan, UK, Spain and Austria and The United States.

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Costs for participants: 50 euros

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