In 2024 Moving Parts presents: 3-month performer-creator training, facilitator training and a 1-month artistic residency in beautiful jungle surrounds, 10 minutes from the beach.

In association with Embodied Poetics and Gecko Theatre

Where: Arambol, Goa, India

When: 10th January – 7th April 2024

Deadline for applications: We are receiving applications on a rolling basis. First come first serve. Deadline for early bird offers is October 31st 2023

Our certified professional training and facilitation training is 3 months and artistic residency 1 month.



Guided by an outstanding international faculty.

In more detail:

1. THE BODY & PERFORMANCE course is an intensive in-studio training, with mentorship through independent projects and public showcasing.

This is for actors and dancers who wish to create their own work and expand the aesthetics of the body in performance. Over a 3-month full-time training, performers are given physical theatre and contemporary dance skills and the space and guidance to create.

The course is taught over 4 parts:

Part 1: Foundational ensemble and devising practice. Nuts and bolts of physical theatre language. Embodiment of animals and poetic imagery. Laban cube for actors and for movement analysis. Creation task around principles of essentializing and creating huge epic landscapes in small spaces. Basics of ‘Lecoq 20 movements’. Simple structures for constructing movement and emotion. Breaking points in the body. Softening and developing floorwork vocabulary. Foundations in moving the voice. Arriving in your aliveness. 

Part 2: Epic and tragic spaces. Journey of the neutral mask. Journey of the hero. Creative writing around seeing the world through a dark mirror. Constructing conflict in the space. Choreographing around paintings – moving still images in 3D space. Tragic Chorus. Approaches to choreography from inner awareness. Monologues. Building vocal skills. 

Part 3: Comic territories. Commedia dell’arte, clown. More detailed choreography and devising skills. Acrobatics. Duologue scene work. Vocal characters. Deeper physical skill, choreography around external worlds.

Part 4: Mentored creative projects. Lighter daily teaching schedule. Students create and present their own work.

2. GUIDING THE BODY MIND: we are now offering pedagogical training in how to facilitate learning and opening the expressive and poetic body.

This is for actors and dancers who wish to apply their skill to run trainings, workshops or creative process. Over 12 weeks immersive training with the Body and Performance course, participants are taught through a combination of practical and theoretical tasks and learn the pedagogical principles we apply and are assessed through weekly written and facilitation tasks. Limited places available.

3. THE POETIC BODY: this is a 1-month artistic residency in which we provide professional artists with space to create – with each other and with our award-winning collective of performer-creators.

How to apply / register:

Email and ask for an application form, or register on our website:

We require a motivational letter, your CV and a recent example of work. If we wish to progress your application to the 2nd round you will be asked for an interview.

Costs for participants:

For International participants:
£3000 for 3-month training / early bird: £2000
£3500 for facilitation training / early bird: £2500
£800 for 1 month artistic residency / early bird: £600

For Indian participants:
INR160,000 for 12 week training / early bird: INR90,000
INR180,000 for facilitation training / early bird: INR120,000
INR50,000 for 1 month artistic residency / early bird: INR30,000

Contact details:

For further information, please visit