The Artistic Development Program in Freiburg, Germany will offer a mentored process of creation. The program is open to 3 choreographers based in the Freiburg region and professional dancers from any location.

Where: Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

When: 8th – 13th April. 2019

Deadline for applications: 22nd Feburary – Selection will be announced by 8th March.

The Artistic Development Program in Freiburg, Germany will offer a mentored process of creation. It is initiated and organized by the free dance scene Freiburg, part of tanznetz|freiburg in cooperation with E-Werk, and financed by Tanzpakt. The program is open to 3 choreographers based in the Freiburg region and professional dancers from any location.
This gathering is envisioned as a creative playground for a reciprocal exchange of thoughts and ideas as well as an exploratory laboratory that invites performance makers and movers of all kind to learn through play and experimentation as well as to take risks and reflect on their approaches to dance making.
The main focus of the program is to awaken participants’ interest and awareness of what dance can be. The theme for the week will deal with the relationship between the individual and the collective, both in content and methods of research. To that effect, the partakers will be encouraged, through the week, to reflect on their roles in a creative process, while challenging their artistic canons and committing technical excellence to the benefit of adding depth to their research process.
Each day (Monday till Saturday) will start with a 1,5h professional dance training led by one of the selected choreographers of the program, followed by creative sessions during which choreographers and dancers will respond to assignments given to them by the mentors. The mentors will facilitate the program in accordance with the research interests of the selected choreographers. Participants will have the opportunity to not only develop their skills of creation and performance but also to participate in the feedback rounds led by the mentors in the daily showings of the day’s work.
On the first day, Romain Guion will introduce some choreographic tools revolving around the modus operandi of Les Ballets C de la B. This will take place with the whole group. From the second day on the working process will be separated into three groups.
At the end of the week, the outcomes and process will be presented to the public in an informal sharing.

The Mentors:
Monica Gillette brings over 20 years of experience in performance making, both for stage and film, as well as expertise in artist driven networks, participatory projects and transdisciplinary research to her mentorship process. After an education in classical ballet, Monica developed a career in the field of contemporary dance, collaborating with several international choreographers in Los Angeles and New York before a DanceWEB scholarship to Impulstanz in Vienna took her abroad in 2007. Since then, Monica has been involved in several artistic projects that challenge format and medium, leading her to Mexico, Japan, Israel, Iran, Turkey, and several European countries. In 2008, she began working at Theater Freiburg, not only as a dancer and choreographer, but also in areas of community building and project development. For the projects BrainDance and Störung/Hafra’ah, the latter in collaboration with Yasmeen Godder Company, she co-created a multifaceted research design bringing together professional dancers, neuroscientists, physicians, philosophers, young researchers and people with Parkinson’s to explore different facets of human movement. In 2017 she and Yasmeen Godder were awarded the inaugural Shimon Peres prize by the German foreign minister for their artistic leadership in the Störung/Hafra’ah project. Also in 2017, she co-created a piece with choreographer Gary Joplin titled, “Die Krone anmeiner Wand”, for 25 women impacted by cancer, ages 17-74. In June 2019 they will premiere a new piece for men dealing with the same topic, titled “Grenzland” at Theater Freiburg. Monica is the editor of the digital publication for the EU project Migrant Bodies – Moving Borders, identifying and developing inclusive practices for migrants and refugees through dance. She leads workshops, facilitates collaborative and physical research practices, most recently for the European Dance Network and the EU project Empowering Dance, and is the curator for the artistic development program in Freiburg.

Romain Guion is a dancer, performance maker, choreographic assistant, pedagogue and festival organiser with a 20-year career in the dance, theatre and performance field. He trained at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse in Paris before joining various renowned international dance companies such as Charleroi- Danses, National Dance Company Wales, Dance Theatre of Ireland, John Scott’s Irish Modern Dance Theatre, Gelabert-Azzopardi Companya de Dansa, Eun Me Ahn Dance Company, PVC-Stadttheater Freiburg, Staatstheater Mainz, Constanza Macras-Dorky Park and Les Ballets C de la B-Alain Platel

[nicht schlafen, C(h) oeurs]

.Alongside his performance career, Romain has assisted in the production of several creations in dance, music, theatre and opera [Coup Fatal by Alain Platel; Sehnsucht, limited edition and Dancing Bach by Koen Augustijnen, Tout ce qui reste and La timidité des arbres by theatre director Juliette Navis, Bienvenue by Eugénie Rebetez and Orpheus by the freie oper zürich]. In the summer of 2018, Romain took part in the Venice Biennale performing the solo Animale choreo- graphed for him by Francesca Foscarini. Since 2000 Romain has also been inter- ested in transmitting his knowledge of contemporary dance and choreography by
leading dance training and movement research workshops all around the world. In his own creative pursuit, Romain is interested in redefining dance conventions and in reconciling movers with their authentic physicality and humaneness. Eager to support emerging artists and to foster creation, Romain is on the board of directors and curator of the Berlin-based festival LUCKY TRIMMER, a non-for-profit association dedicated to the short performance format. Within LUCKY TRIMMER, Romain also introduced the LUCKY CHANGEMAKER initiative that supports socially engaged artistic project, developed a workshop program under the motto “Dance is for everyone” and established a co-production network with several international organisations in Cyprus, Israel, Hungary and Italy.

How to apply:
For your application, read through the requirements you find on the Open Call and fill out the web form accordingly.
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The Program is for free. Travel, food and accommodation are not covered. (But organizers can help you find a place to stay if needed.)

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