Join us for a 2-week dance workshop in Athens, Greece where we will explore the movement analysis of François Delsarte and the technique and style of Isadora Duncan.

Where: The Isadora and Raymond Duncan Research Center 34 Chrysafis Street, 162 32 Vironas, Athens – Greece

When: April 1-13, 2024

Deadline for applications: April 8, 2024

Enter the art and technique of ISADORA DUNCAN, the original thinker and cultural/artistic phenomenon, who fanned the flames of modernism 100 years ago. Duncan’s was the first “release” technique originating from the breath center and impelled by the spirit. Come share in a living history of modern dance and gain a physical and intellectual perspective on the origins of contemporary theater and dance.

We are excited to share that this workshop will be the first in known history to rejoin Duncan’s mature dance work with the movement and analysis technique she taught as a young girl, which helped her unlock her powers of expression, and that she always kept with her in a book as she toured, the work of the great French teacher, FRANÇOIS DELSARTE.

Based on natural movement, both techniques emphasize the free flow of energy throughout the body and open the pathways from motion to emotion and back again, from emotion to motion.

All adult classes are open for the general public, all levels are welcome. If you are not a dancer, but you are curious about finding out the Delsarte’s system of expression, or passionate about Isadora Duncan and eager to explore her movement, this course is for you. If you are a dancer and want to dig deeper into the repertory and refine your movement expression, please join us!

Register in advance to secure your spot.

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