Ever felt like you’re being put in a box or unfairly judged for not fitting in?

Where: Lake Balaton (Hungary)

When: June 10-13, 2024

Immerse yourself in a transformative journey at our intimate summer retreat, limited to just four participants. Experience a unique blend of learning and unlearning as we challenge societal norms and empower you to break free from self-imposed limitations. Confront doubts, fears, and creative blockages through playful experimentation, multidisciplinary explorations, discussions, and fearless sharing to unlock your full potential and unleash your creativity.

Structured around four key areas (“Presence”, “Solo”, “Duet”, and “Group Performance”), our retreat offers a sanctuary to defy external judgments, liberate yourself from professional pressures, and transcend the expectations of conventional norms. Guided sessions will help you unlock your creative essence, overcome artistic hurdles, confront fears, and gain fresh perspectives, motivation, and inspiration.

In addition to dance, movement exploration, and multidisciplinary creative sessions, our summer retreat prioritizes rest and self-care. We understand the importance of taking breaks and rejuvenating the mind and body. Join us for a holistic experience that balances activity with moments of relaxation and introspection.

*** Daily Schedule ***
– Optional: Body Care (Morning Gym/Running/Swimming/Yoga…)
– Morning: Method (Discussion, Presentation, Sharing…) & Research (Creative Playground, Exploration, Experiences…)
– Afternoon: Composition & Creation
– Evening: Presentation/Feedback/Sharing

How to apply: https://www.schoolofdisobedience.org/outside-of-the-box.html

Costs for participants: 500€

Contact details:

For further information, please visit https://www.instagram.com/school_of_disobedience/

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