The AND Summer School 2019 (edition #4) Repairing The Irreparable
Embodying political-affective practices, exercising sensitive listening and experimenting with the dissenting powers of love.

Where: Polo Cultural das Gaivotas, Lisbon (Portugal)

When: 5 to 20 July 2019

With Fernanda Eugenio and invited artists/researchers Ana Dinger, Dani d’Emilia, Flora Mariah, Sílvia Pinto Coelho (+ parallel activity with Cristina Maldonado)


The AND Summer Schools are an annual intensive program taking place in Lisbon. Each edition proposes a temporary zone of attention, experiential and collective investigation, having a transversal question at its core. Over a period of two weeks (totalling 100 hours), we propose an immersive time-space for the exchange of procedures for collective improvisation-creation and co-positioning (with/in) the common, working with/through the body as our main matter and the Modus Operandi AND as a driving and mediating tool. Through durational embodied experimentations and exercises of reciprocity and care for oneself and others, we seek to generate attention to the processes and consequences of what (and especially how) we do and what that does to us in return: gestures, words, habits, perspectives, postures, modulations.
The summer schools are aimed at artists, researchers, and socially engaged practitioners of any field who are interested in re-materializing crystallized knowledge into inventive and (in)sufficient knowledge(s), through the investigation of the politics of togetherness and experiential (un)learning.

:::::: SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES 2019 :::::: (subject to minor adjustments)

5 July (Fri) 18-22h: Opening event at roundabout.lx, welcome dinner for the participants (optional) with video presentation-synthesis of the AND labs/schools.
6-7 July (Sat/Sun), 15-20h: Introduction Workshop to Modus Operandi AND
8-12 & 15-19 July (Mon to Fri) 10-13h: Tuning in practices with tools from the Modus Operandi AND, Attention Practices and Raba Power
8-12 & 15-19 July (Mon to Fri) 15-19h: Sessions focusing on this year’s question(s), with tools from Modus Operandi AND, Metalogue & Co-operation, Radical Tenderness, and Dis-immunization Practices
9-11 & 16-18 July (Tue to Thur) 19-20h: individual participation in The Insider (optional)
20 July: Closure event (to be collectively discussed and organized during the program)
NOTE: Lunch breaks will be between 13-15h. The weekend of July 13 and 14 is free.

:::::: TOOLS AND PRACTICES 2019 ::::::

MODUS OPERANDI AND, Fernanda Eugenio
METALOGUE & CO-OPERATION, Fernanda Eugenio and Ana Dinger
DIS-IMMUNIZATION PRACTICES, Fernanda Eugenio and Dani d’Emilia
RABA POWER, Flora Mariah
THE INSIDER, Cristina Maldonado


Total number of participants: 20
Total cost of the course: 700€

This summer school edition was thought of as an immersive-intensive experience so the only modality of partial participation available this year is for the initial workshop Intro MO_AND (6-7 July, 10 hours): 60€

For those who wish to participate in the full program but can’t afford the full fee, we offer the following discounts and bursaries:


By May 15th: 700-200 = 500€
By June 15th: 700-100 = 600€


3 places are reserved for applicants who are subscribed to AND Lab’s Friends Network and wish to subtract the annual amount donated from the cost of their enrollment in the Summer School. More info on AND’s Friends Network:


5 places available at 50% (700-350 = 350€) to students, people/organizations linked to AND Lab, regular practitioners of MO_AND and/or participants of previous editions of AND Labs & Summer Schools. Priority is given to participants from countries outside the Euro Zone who incur in additional international travel and currency conversion expenses.


5 places available at -80% (700-550 = 150€), subdivided in the following categories:

3 places for residents in or around Lisbon

This scholarship modality was designed as a way to increase access to local participants who don’t have the financial conditions to afford the total course fee but share the desire to create an intersectional group around embodied political-affective practices that can engage in continued and regular work in the city. This desire to ‘continue weaving together’ is a condition for requesting this bursary. We will prioritize people who are particularly vulnerable to intersections of race, gender, sexual orientation, social and/or national origin, and/or dissident corporalities.

2 places for participants who are not resident in Lisbon but also experience particular vulnerability due to intersections of race, gender, sexual orientation, social and/or national origin, and/or dissident corporalities. Priority will be given to participants from/in Latin America and Africa.

LINK FOR THE OPEN CALL: (including presentation of this year’s focus, info about the practices/tools + information on scholarships, discounts, deadlines, accommodation in Lisbon, participation modalities, etc)

A variety of video trailers/documentation of previous summer schools and ANDlabs are available here:

To register, please fill in the online form

Costs for participants: 150-700€

For further questions, please email:

For further information, please visit

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