In this masterclass you will investigate the use of dialogue, texts, speech, spoken words, voice to influence and enhance your choreographic creation and also present your work at ‘Oralities’, a lecture performance night organized in the woods with no documentation, no trace.

Where: Budapest, Hungary

When: April 4-22

One week of somatic experience and repertoire class, to enter slowly
into a hybrid world between language and body, text and movement.

Mixing creative writing, voice training and choreographic practice, you will explore the use of text and spoken word to influence and enhance your own creation, challenging the connection between language and body, text and movement. Sessions include creative writing, movement and voice research, culminating in choreographic creation. You will explore different ways of using your own text, voice, body and movement material to create a text-based performance alone or with others.

WEEK 3 (April 15-19): SHOWCASE
Presentation of your work at “Oralities: celebration of ephemeral and dematerialised art”, a lecture-performance night organised in the woods with no documentation, no trace.

WEEK 4 (April 22-26): GROUNDING
​5 grounding journal prompts to help you explore your thoughts, feelings and experiences in a centred way, reconnecting with yourself and finding clarity.

How to register:

Scroll down to Module 3:
​”Oralities: nothing is left behind”

Costs for participants: 1000€ (4 weeks)

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