Teddy shouldn’t smoke is looking for trained female dancers from Rotterdam to dance in the new production Solid Maybe.

Where: Time Window, Rotterdam, Netherlands

When: 20th of March 2021

Deadline for applications: 8th of March 2021

Choreographer Marijke de Vos is looking for trained female dancers. Teddy shouldn’t smoke welcomes dancers of all cultural and ethnical backgrounds.

– Strong in contemporary technique
– Experience with improvisation and movement research skills
– Affinity with theatre

We offer
– Being part of a multidisciplinary project on location
– Rehearsals in two phases
– Being part of a professional and enthusiastic collective
– Compensation in accordance with the CLA

To apply, send your CV and when available a video of your work to info[@]teddysmoke.com with the subject ‘audition Solid Maybe’. We are looking forward to receiving your application no later than midnight on March 8th 2021. That same week we’ll let you know if you are invited for the audition on March 20th at Time Window in Rotterdam.

Rehearsals phase 1: research
4 weeks from week 19 to week 22, for 3 to 4 days a week
Rehearsals phase 2: montage
5 weeks from week 38 to week 42, for 4 days a week
Estimated premiere day: 22nd of October. Touring in Rotterdam and Dordrecht from week 42 to week 44.

Teddy shouldn’t smoke is an interdisciplinary dance company founded in 2009 that is fascinated with the human body and how it can be directed subconsciously by psyche. From its own dance studio in the cultural biotope Time Window in Rotterdam, Teddy shouldn’t smoke initiates performances in which all art disciplines are used and that can best be described as contemporary gesammtkunstwerken.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we ask you to only apply if you come from Rotterdam. This way we can restrict the number of travel movements. The audition takes place in several rounds. If you are invited you will receive a time slot.

Contact details: Choreographer Marijke de Vos: info@teddysmoke.com

For further information, please visit https://www.teddysmoke.com/audition-announcement-solid-maybe/

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