Young creators are encouraged to take risks and to expose new ideas. tanzwuchs | freiburg #4 is looking for pieces with a maximum of 10 minutes (or shorter).

Where: Freiburg, Germany

When: performance. April 4 & 5, 2020 rehearsal period. March 23 to April 3, 2020

Deadline for applications: January 28, 2020

tanzwuchs | freiburg is a format of tanznetz | freiburg, in cooperation with E-WERK and Kulturamt Freiburg and funded by TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund. tanzwuchs | freiburg supports the professional development of emerging local artists and provides them space for scenic research and the encounter with an audience. Young creators are encouraged to take risks and to expose new ideas. In tanzwuchs | freiburg #4 different pieces with a maximum of 10 minutes (or shorter) are shown. They are connected through a curatorial line. At the end of the performance the audience will be invited to take part in an open talk with the artists. The performers will get a chance to perform, show and share their compositions.
In addition, they get general video footage and professional photos from the general rehearsal plus a promotion campaign
through teasers, texts, web and social media. Finally, there is also a small budget for symbolic payment.

# Emerging professional choreographers and dancers which are constantly actively creating their own work.
# Artists with curiosity for innovation and who are looking for an outside eye.
# Artists who appreciate a dialogue with the audience and who are willing to share different aspects of their respective creative processes.
# Artists who are pro-active in resolving practical issues and can be flexible when faced with organizational changes.

Pieces in contemporary dance, instant composition, dance-theatre, physical theatre, maximum 10 minutes long
(shorter pieces are also welcomed). Longer pieces will not be taken into consideration. Nowadays there is a break-out of social movements, for this reason we are are looking for pieces whose research topic is connected to a specific social and/or political context. The topic itself and the artistic approach can vary according to the personal interest of each artist. At the moment of applying, the pieces should be in a stage of exploration and not yet finished. We will accept premiered pieces only if the artist is willing to change something and therefore needs more time to explore and receive external feedback.

The stage of SÜDUFER will be open for rehearsals from March 23 till April 2 from 9 AM to 10 PM.
WORK IN PROGRESS: Availability from March 30th until April 2nd. The organizers will create a rehearsal schedule according
to the specific necessities of each piece.
PREMIERED PIECES: Availability from April 2nd until 3rd for a maximum of two rehearsals at SÜDUFER. The organizers will create a rehearsal schedule accordingly to the specific necessities of each piece.
FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS: obligatory availability on 23rd March from 9:30 till 11:30. Full-time availability on April 3rd from10 AM to 10 PM for technical and general rehearsals. On the days of performances (April. 04th & April. 05) the stage of SÜDUFER will be available from 4 PM to 10PM.

We accept as many proposals as possible. Depending on the amount of applications there will be a selection based on:
# Artistic approach to the topic and creativity to translate it into body language.
# Scenic strength and precision on the technical execution
# Simplicity of technical requirements
# Performing artists based in Freiburg will have a priority. Even though we are glad to receive applications from other artists based in the region of Baden-Württemberg.

How to apply: Fill up the APPLICATION FORM:
Participants are welcome to apply with as many proposals as they wish, but please consider that one dancer will not be
taken in two different pieces.

Contact details:

For further information, please visit

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