This year again, TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA offers you a high-class and diverse workshop program! Internationally renowned teachers hold 10-day workshops in contemporary dance techniques. In 5-day intensives, choreographers and theatre-makers give valuable insights into their artistic working process. To relax and strengthen the body Shadow Yoga, Feldenkrais and Tai-Chi Dao-Yin are also part of the program. Dance away with us this summer!

Where: Munich, Germany

When: August 1-11, 2018

//August 1 – 11//
> Stephan Herwig (DE) “Contemporary Dance”
> Henry Montes (UK) “The weight of space”
> Charlie Morrissey (UK) “Adventures in Contact Improvisation”
> Bosmat Nossan (IL) “Gaga/Dancers”
> Katja Wachter (DE) “Contemporary Dance”

//August 1 – 5//
> Quim Bigas (ES) “Back to low” & “Low Ground”
> Hildegard De Vuyst (BE) “The mystery of dramaturgy”
//August 7 – 11//
> Kris Verdonck (BE) “Between the object and the body”
> Andros Zins-Browne (US/BE) “Feeding”

//August 1 – 11//
> Veronica Fischer (DE) “Feldenkrais Intensive”
> Daphne Strothmann (DE) “Shadow Yoga”
> Chiang-Mei Wang (TW/DE) “Tai-Chi Dao-Yin”

How to apply

You have two possibilities to register for a workshop: directly via our online registration form or by sending us the printed form. Information about registration:

Costs for participants: 90-300€

Contact details:
Lara Schubert
+49 89 189 31 37 16

Further information about the program, registration modalities or group rates go to

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