Tеcnicas de Movimiento Workshops
Francisco Córdova / Los INnato / Diego A. Alvarez Sanou
[Physical Momentum / Los INnato / Colectivo Cla-Tres Hermanos]

Where: Nau Ivanow, Barcelona, Spain
Dirección: Hondures, 28 – 30 / CP. 08027
Metro: Línies 1, 5, 9 i 10 (La Sagrera)
Autobús:Línies 34, 40, 62, 71, 96 i 126
Bicing: Hondures/Ciutat d’Elx

When: 24th July -28th July 2017 / 3 p.m – 9 p.m.

Deadline for application: 16th July 2017 

Body-Action <>Movement-Relation
Francisco Córdova (MEX) Physical Momentum Project

Cuerpo-Acción / Movimiento-Relación is a training programme based on the construction of physical actions. It encourages participants to move through a common language and not through dance codes. It breaks down and decodes established and predetermined dance languages. The workshop is a representation of control and physical intuition. Its purpose is to cause states: physical, mental and even emotional, all through physicality. It guides the participant to find the truth in his body and to contact with his own way of moving, assuming information through the will of intuition. The class is about experiential knowledge.

Full Body
Diego A. Alvarez Sanou (CR) Colectivo Clá  Tres Hermanos

My research projects and workshops will encompass movement and the body as a creative instrument of infinite options. The open body to stimuli, influenced basic principles of gravity, weight, space, time and freedom. A body as a map of the path and history of each person, unique in that the dancer is not a copy to any other but a creator and interpreter. Conversation, dialogue, research and meeting new artists is fundamental for the creation and constant development. Knowing and sharing artists and people of the world is the best experience we can get. Within my workshops you can work sequences and physical classes directed to a specific movement or on the improvised research with fixed search premises or simply free with the desire of body in movement …. train the body looking for the most compact point and the most larger point. For creations I like research based on a restlessness, concept or image, but I also believe that the voice of the body in which he believes and tells what he proposes, movement, music, space, scenery, among others, to create different emotions and feelings. From a need to create and expose an idea.

Taller inPRACTICAL [identificación del otro] 
Marko Fonseca G / Raul Martinez (CR) Los INnato

Taller inPRACTICAL [identification of the other]
The class will focus on partner work and relationship issues, such as: confidence, weight, instinct, conscience, leaders and followers. Flow in physical communication depends on the awareness of a shared balance. We will work with predefined situations, which will be based on the confidence of others. Then, we can assume more risks play with power and speed. Participants are invited to bring their own ideas, explore and rediscover their own qualities. This workshop seeks to encourage the instinct and innate movement of participants.

Cultural Promoter: Rotativa Performing Arts

For 1 Workshop: 120 € – (One Workshop)
For 2 Workshops: 170 € – (Two Workshops)
For 3 Workshops: 230 € – (Three Workshops)

1) No single classes are allowed

+ Info / Reservation of Places:

For further information, please visit https://www.tecnicasdemovimiento.com/

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