Unique artistic and dancing experience waiting for you from 13th to 28th August in Brussels: Graham, Horton, Contemporary dance, Floor Barre, Yoga and more!

Where: Centre Culturel Bruegel, Rue des Renards 1F, Brussels

When: From 13th to 28th August

The Summer Intensive of Perpetuum Mobile Festival offers two weeks of outstanding dance classes in the modern dance techniques Horton, Graham, and contemporary dance as well as workshops essential to the dancer’s practice such as repertory, partnering, workshops, O’ Passo, AFCMD*. These classes are given by notable international dance artists and some of them will be accompanied by live music.

The Summer Intensive classes are mainly aimed at dance lovers, (pre)professional or advanced dancers. We also offer several daily classes aimed at dancers as well as at anyone wishing to (re)connect with their body: workshops, yoga, floor barre, O’Passo, AFCMD*, lectures. Finally, any amateur dancer wishing to nourish his practice and daily life by following some technical class – or the whole Summer Intensive – is, of course, more than welcome to join in.

Taking part in the Summer Intensive also gives you access to cultural events during the Perpetuum Mobile Festival such as dance performances, concerts or screenings. We also have an amazing festival program where you are all very welcome! Exhibition, jam sessions, dance shows, concerts, outdoor performances

For more info, check out our website: www.perpetuummobilefestival.com.
Questions? Feel free to contact us at the following address: perpetuummobilefestival@gmail.com, we will answer you with great pleasure!

*Analyse Fonctionnelle du Corps dans le Mouvement Dansé = Functional Analysis of the Body in the Danced Movement

To register, please fill in the following form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScRqpBTYOx2bDGga3vV1ACvLAr7yNCadQc_HBGFFmZr2pf7tg/viewform?usp=sf_link

For more info about the program, teachers and schedule, check out our website: www.perpetuummobilefestival.com, you will find everything you need under the tab “Summer Intensive”.
If you would like to register for drop-in classes (and less than 18h) you can book your spot by sending us an email at perpetuummobilefestival@gmail.com.

Costs for participants: Full Pass – 950€ / Week Pass – 550€ / Quarter Pass (18h) – 300€ / Drop-in (3h) – 35€

Contact details: perpetuummobilefestival@gmail.com

For further information, please visit www.perpetuummobilefestival.com

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