Dance is a combination of precise execution and the visualization of thought. When learning new material, we memorize and reproduce a collection of movements. It’s almost like learning a new language.

Where: Pula, Croatia, Europe

When: 2nd – 8th July 2018

Deadline for applications: June 1st, 2018

But how do our thoughts materialize these movements into dance?

The left side of the brain performs tasks of logic and the right side is in charge of creativity. How can we route the execution of movement through both parts of the brain?

During this 7-day summer intensive workshop, we will look for the connection between movement and thought. Dunja will be guiding training and working on repertoire with the participants.


Dunja started out as a rhythmic gymnast in former Yugoslavia and competed at the World Championship held in Bruxelles in 1992. She studied at the ballet school Lujo Davico in Belgrade and the Rotterdam Dance Academy Codarts. Among others, she danced for Hans van Manen, Emio Greco/PC, Ballet du Nord (Lille, France) and is known for her work with Club Guy & Roni. In 2013 she was nominated for the Golden Swan for most impressive dance performer.

Dunja creates multidisciplinary performances exploring the back rooms of the human psyche. Her work varies from performances for the stage to dance films and opera and is being performed in the Netherlands as well as internationally.

Location: Cape Kamenjak, Cove Polje.

30 meters from the nearest beach.


Monday, July 2nd, 2018 9:00 – Sunday, July 8th, 2018 20:30

9:00-12:30 practice

12:30-17:00 break

17:00-20:30 practice

(Time might vary depending on the heat!)


Full price: €350,- excl. accommodation

It is possible to pay in instalments. €150,- of the full fee is considered as a non-refundable deposit. If paying in instalments, that deposit reserves your spot in the training.

If there are financial challenges, feel free to contact us and we will look for a suitable solution.

We offer a discount for students and group of 5 and over.

Registration via website

or email

ACCOMMODATION possibilities:

– MO Banjole (fits cca. 16 people) | price: 30,- kn/ €4,- a night per person

A big room available where each person has their own bed, camping style mattress on the floor. The room is equipped with 3 air conditioning devices. Newly renovated bathrooms with 3 toilets, 2 sinks and 1 shower. All necessities available, you would only need to bring your own sheets and a pillow if you need one.

The way to Kamenjak is quite long from here, you cannot walk it, but if you don’t have a car a taxi is available for cca. 32,-kn /€4.30,-  in each direction.

– Premantura | Rehab center for the blind(has 4 rooms) | 100,-kn/€13.50,- a night

You will be sleeping in a building next to the main building, the annex. This option does not have room for many people. The whole building costs 100,-kn /€13.50,- a night all together and can be shared. 1 room has a separate bathroom and toilet. The other rooms share one bathroom and 2 toilets, one on the ground floor and one upstairs. There is 1 small fridge in the annex. Mind this is an option that needs to be reserved much in advance. You would also need transport to the workshop location. Renting bikes might be a possibility. Or sharing a taxi.

– Hostel in Premantura

Info available by phone +385 98 71 71 88

– Camping on Kamenjak (free of charge)

There is a pavilion (2×3 m) for 2 or 3 people to camp on Kamenjak. 2 to 3 air matrasses are available. A fridge is at your disposal alongside with all the sanitary necessities. The reason it is free of charge is because you would be keeping an eye on the equipment. You would also get bikes to use to get around Kamenjak and Premantura. People camping at Kamenjak could use the showers in the rehab center for the blind in Premantura. There is also one field toilet available.

For more information, questions, tips, help, reservations etc. contact Nika at

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