Contemporary Dance Platform NL is happy to invite you to the Summer Intensive Utrecht with Tim O’Donnell (NYC) and Iris van Peppen (NL). Expect an in-depth summer intensive with the focus on Somatics, Contact Improvisation and Improvisation. The Summer Intensive will also offer extra sessions and IC Practice in the evenings.

Where: Contemporary Dance Platform, Studio 3, Weg naar Rhijnauwen 3 Utrecht The Netherlands

When: August 20 – 26

Discount deadline: June 21 2018


The Balance in Listening

We will begin by investigating balance as a dynamic act, through the systems of the body in an effort to increase our physical intelligence.

Through attentive and dynamic listening we will explore balance in standing and falling, in responding and redirecting in flight.

Class exercises are strongly rooted in functional principles that emphasize clarity, momentum, precision and release to build kinesthetic awareness necessary for the complex and athletic dancing that follows.

We will look at movement, a euro-muscular-skeletal event, through the lens of Ideokinesis. We will spend time developing a greater understanding of our structure, how it functions and ways to cultivate a greater kinesthesia through tactics learning and imagery.

Informed by our study, part of the workshop will consist of technical skills and compositional scores for dancing and performing Contact Improvisation.


An intensive for movers/performers that wish to perform.

In this intensive Iris will share her research of the connective tissue and the endocrine system that was the starting point for her current performance of PULSE.

The warm up consist of hands on body work and how this influences our sensorial perception and movement material. From this experience, we will bring focus on expansion and vibration: how the body and sound are vibrating and communicating in space. Being a witness/being witnessed / reflecting is essential so we learn how to read and talk about the dance work.

From the moving body in SPACE we will include objects and sounds in our expanding environment.

Iris van Peppen is a Dutch dance artist that has developed her artistic research through her teaching, performances and currently with her company Iris van Peppen I Co. Iris researches different bodily states through the practice of BMC. In her work she is aiming towards a body that transcends the physical body; an intuitive – poetic and transparent body.

Tim O’Donnell is a New York based dance artist who has been studying, teaching, and performing in both the United States and Europe. His exploration in dance and movement is strongly rooted in a deep physical listening and a sense of adventure. His classes range from the gentle and subtle to the acrobatic and fluidly athletic. He holds an MFA in Dance and has maintained a private practice in therapeutic bodywork and somatic movement since 1991. Currently he is on faculty at Movement Research and Arizona State University.

– 38 contacthours
– monday – Friday 10.00AM – 5.00PM
– weekend 1.00PM – 5.00 PM
– extra evenings 7.00PM – 10.00PM
– possible accommodation (limited)

Costs for participants:
– When booked before June 21: € 240,-
– When booked after June 21: € 260,-

Contact details:

For further information and registration please visit:

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