We invite you to this special summer intensive dedicated to young artists and art students, aged 18-31, from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary creating in dance, theater and performing arts field. A one-week of residential Summer Intensive Laboratory for body work and site-specific composition which will be presented in the frame of The Unity International Festival in Poland.

Where: Cultural Center in Sochaczew, Poland (60 km from Warsaw)

When: 27 August – 4 September 2022

Deadline for applications: 6 July 2022

During everyday activities, laboratory participants will practice dance and movement techniques in the frame of local dance festival. From the beginning they will take part in physical activities in public and natural spaces. On the basis of personal experience and inspirations related to different outdoor spaces and avant-garde concepts participants will develop structures and choreographies, which will be incorporated by experienced director into a final presentation during the Unity International Festival in Sochaczew.
Leading theme of the Summer Intensive Laboratory – EMBODIED IDEAS will be the heritage of European avant-garde. The main point of reference for laboratories will be concepts of avant-garde artists from the countries of the leaders and participants. They will create a team of experts and artists which will reflect on the heritage of avant-garde artists and transfer their concept into the performative, choreographic and social ground.
We will analyze the artists’ work in relation to natural spaces and social movements that took place in Central Europe, in particular in the Visegrad countries after World War I or in the interwar years. Following artists heritage will be inspiration for lab work: Polish sculpturer Katarzyna Kobro, Czech painter and drafter Toyen, Slovak painter and drafter Viera Kraicova and Slovak neo avant-garde artist Jana Žeblinská, Hungarian poet, novelist, painter and theoretician Lajos Kassák.

We offer:
• 42 hours of laboratories
• 4 international teachers
• personal mentoring
• creative team work
• solid dose of knowledge on avant-garde conceptions and artists
• huge open training studio,
• 8 nights of accommodation in the hotel or hostel
• daily meals
• covid-19 safety rules (max. .20 participants)
• free entrance for the events of the festival
• final performance presented in the frame of the festival

Leaders of the process: Jana Ryšlavá (CZ), Kat Rampáčková (SK), Viktória Makra (HU), Dawid Żakowski (PL)

To apply, for the workshop, please use registration online form:

The application process is open only for Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Polish participants.

More information and InfoPack you will find on the website: http://sztukanowa.pl/embodied-ideas/

Costs for participants: 170 EUR (8 nights all-inclusive (food, accommodation, seminar, labs))

Contact details: If you need more information, please write: office.sztukanowa@gmail.com
Or call:
PL – phone nr: +48 505 476 863
CZ – phone nr: +420 737 485 778
SK – phone nr: +421 944 781 081
HU – phone nr: +36 702 540 744

For further information, please visit http://sztukanowa.pl/embodied-ideas/

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