Workshop / spontaneous creation: dance improvisation on a performative playground.

Where: studios etang noirs : 29 rue de menin 1080 , Brussels, Belgium

When: 1-5 July 2024 (5 days)

Deadline for applications: Once the group is full. There is limited availability for 15 participants.

Movement Research SUMMER Edition
by Paola Madrid

Workshop / Spontaneous Creation
During this workshop and creation formula, we will intensively experience dance improvisation on a common performative playground . We will explore specific physical tasks, structures and group compositions that will allow challenge and transformation of our dance skills, of our movement
intentions and our movement situations. Space, thoughts, touch, dance and imagination will be some of the concepts to dig in through our present bodies. A public presentation is previewed within this activity.
Open for professional dancers and everyone interested in physical work.

Paola Madrid is a dancer, choreographer and educator, artistic director of SORTA Project, and of the pedagogical platform Movement Research – dance practice . Within the performing art scene , Paola has been participating in numerous festivals, institutions and venues within her last 10 years of uninterrupted artistic career. Her own choreographic work includes : « DE CONSTRUCTION : Unknown Quantities » ,
« AFTER », « Eternal » , « Soft touch to death » , « MHR » , among others. Paola is regularly invited to teach at various institutions such as: Tictac Art Centre and PARTS (Belgium), La Manufacture- Haute école des arts de la scène (Suisse), Konzervatoř Duncan Centre (Czech Republic), Universidad de Sonora and CENART (Mexico), among others. Paola currently resides in Brussels, Belgium.

How to apply / register:
Please send an e-mail to sortaproject@paolamadrid with a brief description of you.

Costs for participants: 150 EUR (normal fee) or 135 EUR (early bird: inscription only before June 18th, 2024)

Contact details:
Info + Inscriptions to

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