Dancing Opportunities is happy and proud to announce a call for submissions. Share your success story and introduce your work to the world of dance that is our audience.

Deadline: ongoing

If you found out about an opportunity from our website and it worked out well for you we would like to hear from you. Share your success story with us.

If you attended a festival, workshop, residency, apprenticeship, got a job after finding of it on Dancing Opportunities’ website we would love to learn more about you and your experience. If you got chosen at an audition after seeing the notice on the Dancing Opportunities’ site you can share your success with us. We will feature your story in our new column “Successful Stories with Dancing Opportunities”.

How to submit your story:
Please write a brief description of yourself answering these questions
who you are;
where you are from;
what you do / short bio or brief description of your background;
what is the opportunity you read about from DO and then succeeded at;
tell us about your experience during the event and how it affected your dance career;
include a link to your website, Facebook page if possible.

Maximum 500 words.

Please attach 2, 3 photographs to the submission form so we can add an image to the post.

E-mail at dosuccessfulstories@gmail.com

We hope your story will encourage and inspire fellow dancers to strive towards and achieve their goals. Share the joy of dance with our big audience. This is a good way to get people to know more about you and your work worldwide.

Once your article is submitted you will hear from us shortly after.

*Dancing Opportunities reserves the right not to publish or to edit the article after submission.

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