Seeking picture & story submissions about dance-related injuries for an edition of a zine I’m creating, titled “How to Exist in a Body.” The zine will exist both digitally and physically and selected participants will receive a free digital copy of the finished work and/or a free physical copy, depending on funds/international postage.

Where: Virtual/Online

When: TBA

Deadline for applications: April 23rd 2023

Seeking submissions!
I’m currently finalizing the finished first issue of an art/dance zine titled “How to Exist in a Body.”
I am now seeking submissions for a collaborative second issue of the zine. The second issue will be about dance injury stories and include pictures or recreations of the injuries if possible.
I am especially interested in dancers who have broken a bone and have a copy of their xray, but please, submit any injury story you would like! The more variety, the better!

If selected, I will be in communication through email about finalizing the presentation of your story/picture/recreation in the zine.

The zine in its finished form will be given to participants (1 free copy), either as a digital or physical copy.
The final zine will be able to be bought by the public for a small fee, and I am also planning to attend a zine festival with this issue later in the year.

If selected, you give me permission to use your injury story and your submitted pictures as I see fit (I will not edit stories or pictures without approval/finalization). It will be a collaboration, and collaborators will be credited, but I will own the zine and have the rights to sell copies. I don’t plan for there to be a profit, really, but if there happens to be a profit, I am happy to be transparent with participants and split the small profit with all participants (again, don’t think of this as a money making opportunity. I plan on keeping the price of zines low, to ensure it’s accessible to my audience, as it’s a lower-budget zine only beginning it’s second issue. I will likely not profit after paying for materials and giving myself a small $50 stipend for the hours I’ll put into creation. But if I do profit more than material cost and $50 (us dollars), I’ll venmo or paypal ya)!

Feel free to reach out with any questions:

Looking forward to creating this lil zine! Thanks!

How to apply:
Fill out this google form with your name, contact info, injury story, and any pics if you have them:

If file upload in google forms does not work, send any related files to my email with your name,

Email me with any questions!

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