Residential workshop of dance and perception at Stromboli island (Italy, Sicily) led by Dario La Stella and Valentina Solinas.

Deep in the wild nature of the island, the workshop is focused on a work of sensorial perception.

The 4 base elements (air, water, earth, fire) will be the core of the study. The peculiar geological environment of Stromboli allows entering in contact with the base elements in a unique and suggestive way. Wind, water, igneous rock and fire contribute to creating an ideal terrain to perception work as a stimulus to dance in osmosis with the natural environment.

Where: Stramboli Island, Sicily, Italy

When: 01 – 06 September 2018

Deadline for application: 12 of August (Early Bird 30 of June)

The work days will follow the indications of the base elements: for each element will be chosen a specific place for the study.

Each day will be divided into activities of “meditation”, “dynamic” and “expression”.

In the meditation practices, the work is focused on 5 sense perception in relation to wind, sea, earth and fire.

The dynamic activity is composed of exercises of warming up and stretching of muscles.

The expression session is the translation in dances of the received stimulations. It’s a personal session where everyone frees own dance of the studied element.
It works in direct contact with the nature that becomes an integral part of the creative process.

The work will be both personal in the own process of osmosis with the environment and in relation to the group.

In some days we will work in the night, in other days in the first morning before the sunrise or at sunset.

Dance, Theatre and Yoga techniques will be used during the workshop as also original methodologies elaborated by the performing practice of Senza Confini Di Pelle.

The perceptive exercises are used to open the body to its sensorial faculties, putting the sight in second order: the perception of 4 base elements will be stimulated by sounds, scents, surfaces.

Specific requirements are not requested. It is required a good disposition to explore with the body new possible relation with the natural ambient.

Accommodation in an eolian house with multiple rooms shared bathroom and kitchen.

Suggested Itinerary:
Departure from Napoli with ferryboat: Friday 31st of August at 8 pm arrival to Stromboli 01st of September at 06 am

Departure from Stromboli with ferryboat: Thursday 06th at 10 pm arrival to Napoli Friday 07th of September at 08 am

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Dario La Stella

Specialist Degree in Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology by Turin University with a thesis on performing art, since 1997 he taught performing art by the University of Turin, University of Washington, Seattle (USA) and SESC Santo Amaro, San Paolo (BR).

In 2011 during the USA tournèe, he performs two shows in New York City.

In 2012 during the Brazilian tournèe, he performs a show in San Paolo.

In 2013 with the show “Add Up Space and Power” is one of the three choreographers selected by the European project

Metamorphoses, with shows in Poznan (PL), Paris e Bruxelles.

Valentina Solinas
Works as author and performer of the shows of Senza Confini Di Pelle since 2004. She worked with Tino Seghal, Roberto Castello and Adriana Innocenti. She has a degree in Psychology.

To apply, please send CV to

Costs for participants:
The cost of the workshop is 550 Euro (the cost includes the accommodation for 5 nights)
Early bird until the 30thof June: 500 Euro

Contact details – +39 3470561735 – +39 338 4040237

For further information, please visit

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