SOZO is a School of Contemporary Dance. We passionately offer professional training in technique, creation, and performance, guiding you to discover your inner artist and a 360-degree perspective on the possibilities of becoming, a dancer, performing artist, and/or choreographer.
IMAGINE – your artwork can permeate, impact, and move society. This could begin THIS YEAR at SOZO. Come take your place!

Where: SOZO, Halle 2, Grüner Weg 15-17 34117 Kassel / Dock 11 Berlin, Germany

When: 16.03.2024 / 25.05.2024 / 06.07.2024 – in Kassel      29.06.2024 – in Berlin (dock 11)

Deadline for applications: Always one week before the audition. Video audition can be scheduled any date untill 15 JULY 2024.

“Dear dancers, aspiring for a professional contemporary dance education – we open our doors to you with a warm SOZO welcome! This school was created to break through stagnant dance education and provide a learning space where each vision could find resonance and meaning through community, play, and solid mentoring, all fueling passionate hard work craftsmanship, and research.
SOZO offers a state-recognized diploma in contemporary stage dance. At SOZO you can build a strong technical base while developing your unique artistic signature. In our diverse inclusive dance community, your personal growth has a place. Our experienced teaching team nurtures the unleashing of your potential, empowering you to shape the professional scene of the future. Perform while you study, connecting through our professional network to excellent partners such as the State Theatre of Kassel and the free scene, “Tanzwerk Kassel”, for early professional experience.
This opportunity is for those approaching their first professional dance education from Germany or abroad. We can also facilitate the intake of those who have started professional education elsewhere and would begin in our second year. We welcome international students to Kassel in Germany, a city in the heart of Germany which very accessible and affordable to live in. We are always willing to guide and help with obtaining a study Visa and your resident permit. We look forward to meeting YOU!” Our program begins on the 28th of August 2024
Founder and Artistic Director,
Deborah Smith-Wicke

Please read extensive information about the school and studies here

How to apply:
We strongly advise those interested in studying at our 3-year vocational “Contemporary Dance Studies” to come a day early and observe classes and meet students the day before the audition. This way each applicant can get to know our school and develop their impression of the atmosphere, the teachers, and the experience of the studying students.

If you would like to come and observe on another day, please just arrange this with Deborah Smith-Wicke at

We advise applying early enough!
In Kassel, Hessen, Germany, the school holidays are earlier than the universities in Europe in general. This means we are beginning the studies on 28 AUGUST 2024.
You have 39 weeks of full-time training
during the year.
Those who cannot make a live audition may apply for a video audition. (please state this on the form for Phase 1

Phase 1 — Pre-selection
For both versions, live and video, you will need to make the preliminary application
and follow all instructions on our online formula.
This includes the small pieces of film footage we need to make our decisions
to invite you to a full Live or Video audition.

Application form here

Please add, and upload your motivation letter, and video links (Vimeo, YouTube, google link) to the application form.
5 Minutes Ballet (Barre and Centre Material)
5 Minutes Contemporary Technique (Floor and standing)
2 Minute Improvisation / Solo

Costs for participants: Phase 1 is free.  Phase 2 after an invitation to a live or online audition, cost 50.-€.

Contact details:
For questions /inquiries please write to
Deborah Smith-Wicke

For further information, please visit