SOZO visions in motion is a three-year full-time professional course focusing on individual development as a dance artist. Studying within a small but committed community allows the experience of being connected and experiencing meaning in what we do. The unfolding of the artist is our passion.
New intake beginning 07.September 2022

Where: HALLE 2, SOZO visions in motion, Kassel, Germany

When: 03.09 – 2022  (course begins on the 07.09 -2022 – so be prepared to stay in Kassel / arrange to come and begin studying in the week after the Audition.

Deadline for applications: 31.08. 2022

SOZO visions in motion offer as a vocational college for contemporary dance studies, a three-year (full-time) professional course. The course has state recognition and students have the possibility to apply for BAföG (German state grant).

SOZO visions in motion lay focus on teaching a solid contemporary technique with the aim to connect theory, practice, and cognitive knowledge in a holistic way. Looking into the future of our field of work, entrepreneurship and social aspects of dance are also taken into consideration and passed on. The program receives international resonance and offers students excellent co-operation partners (State Theatre of Kassel, University of Arts in Kassel). The students are accompanied by a team of international teachers who reflect the trends of an evolving, international dance scene.

The individual encouragement of creative and expressive dancer personalities is a central goal at SOZO visions in motion and the course offers the impulses needed to coach this individuality. Through mentorship, the students are counseled to find their own potential and abilities and challenged to work independently on these. Through intensive group processes in a respectful atmosphere, each student can follow their intuition and instincts in a responsible manner. Through projects, and movement research, an inter-disciplinary way of working is sort after. The students learn from day one to integrate themselves and invest in creative work processes as co-creators.

How to apply: You can see and read everything you need to know about applying here on this link and also in German.

The application form is directly here:

Costs for participants: 50 €

Contact details: Deborah Smith-Wicke – concerning any questions

For further information, please visit