Soul place // Video Project Online
Ocram dance movement is looking for video projects whose focus is reliving the proper soul place.

Where: online

When: 4.1.2021

Deadline for applications: 30.11.2020

Soul place
Video project online
Ocram dance movement

“There is a place in the world where your heart beats fast, where you are breathless for the emotion you feel; where the time stops and you get ageless”
Alda Merini

The psychologist Lucrezia Tomberli defines the soul place as the place where we feel at home and where we can forget the rest of the world just for a moment.

The soul place, as the psychologist specifies, can be both everywhere and nowhere, it can be a very beautiful wheat field or it can simply be a deep sensation inside ourselves.
The soul place cannot be chosen, it can be simply recognized.
Some people spend their entire lives looking for their very own soul place and sometimes they find It not in a specific location, but in another human being.

It doesn’t matter how many places you go to, how many cities you visit or how many people you meet; it could be said that the soul place is a moment more than a place itself. The moment you feel happy without any explanation, the moment you understand that all the problems can be forgotten even just for a moment, the moment you feel at least at home.

This is exactly the moment we are so interested in and that has always been inspiring for poets, philosophers, writers, artists, cartoonists, film directors, but also for all of us, because we also need throughout the week to “get away“ from our thoughts, problems and difficulties.

Ocram dance movement is looking for video projects whose focus is reliving the proper soul place.

To apply, please send your video link (vimeo, mode download on – quality minimum 720p) max duration of 6 minutes and a very short synopsis.
Send all this material by 30.11. 2020 to the mail address specifying the participant’s name and surname and place of residence.
Ten works will be pre-selected and then they will be projected during the festival //evergreen 2021 (Catania, January 2021) and watched by an international jury composed by choreographers, operators and journalists.

Free for participants.

Contact details:

For further information, please visit

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