SOLO Coaching Workshop with Eldad Ben Sasson hosted by SOZO visions in motion DANCE Co.
In a five day process. we touch every step in developing a solo work.

Where: SOZO visions in motion: HALLE 2, Grüner Weg 15-17, 34117 Kassel, Germany

When: Monday 6th April until Saturday 11.April

Deadline for applications: 25th March 2020

Solo Coaching Workshop: Detailed.
A creative process that accompanies each of the participants, and enables them to work on a professional level building materials for solos and duets in connection with the current world of contemporary dance and dance performance. All this alongside the deepening of personality and the refinement of technical and physical capabilities. For the
Solo Coaching Workshop we are looking for dancers/performers who want to cross new borders, open up to possibilities and scratch the edges of potential and ability. People for whom movement is love and a way of life and of intellectual and artistic interest. The goal is to provide tools for creation, to create materials, that he/she can access auditions with, contests, or any artistic aspiration to pursue their career.
It is recommended to take the class memories in. formation at the same time (each morning) in order to facilitate the process.
The limited amount of participants (8) allows a very intimate setting and profound and individual coaching. In a process of five days, we touch every step in developing a solo work – from narrowing a topic or idea, to movement and material research, working with (or without) music, to break habits and go beyond limitations and last but not least presenting the outcome. On the final day of the intense week we will film the result and provide the participants with the documentations. This can be used as a showreel, an audition tape, a base to continue their research or to apply for a competition.

How to apply: As we are only able to work with a very limited amount of participants in the solo coaching project due to the nature of the workshop, we ask you to apply with a short letter of intent concerning the solo, a CV and, if available, a video link. Also, to help the development of the process, inform us about your artistic vision, influences, goals and approach concerning the work that we want to enhance with you.
For applications and further information please contact:

Costs for participants:
350,- € per participant (including a Gyrokinesis class and Eldads Bens Sasson’s “Memory In.Formation” class each morning)

Contact details: – to apply – about coming to Kassel

For further information, please visit

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