SLIDE offers six months of intensive crossover between ballet, contemporary, urban and jazz dance at FLYING STEPS ACADEMY, the hotspot for professional urban dance in Berlin with three stage performances in the end.

Where: Flying Steps Academy, Berlin-Kreuzberg, Germany

When: 5th November 2018 – 8th april 2019 // mon-thu, 9am-3pm // except holidays

Deadline for applications: 10th October 2018

Attention Dance Enthusiasts!In November 2018 SLIDE – the intensive program of SENECA INTENSIV and FLYING STEPS ACADEMY
BERLIN is starting again! Do you want to connect Contemporary, Urban, Classical and Jazz-/ Show Dance in a unique
way? Do you want to dance, train and create in a steady group under the guidance of many skilled teachers for six
months? Are you eager to put your experiences onstage with the help of experienced choregraphers?
The participants will train in a steady group for six months in a row – monday to thursday, five hours a day. SLIDE is
divided in different stages, which all lead to the performance at the end of the program. The initial stage focuses on
strength, endurance, flexibility and technique. Those are followed by an intense phase of dance training covering the
four main styles, as well as partnering techniques, improvisation, pilates and somatic techniques. In the end, the
participants are all set to hit the stage on three evenings with pieces from external choreographers and their own

SLIDE is combining the organizational and educational experience of SENECA INTENSIV with the skills and vibrant
energy of FLYING STEPS ACADEMY. This inspiring surrounding is ideal for dancing, experimenting, sweating and
Instructors are: Constance Hartmann, Florian Bücking, Tina Weiler, Leslie Unger, Gunnar Laatsch, Mina Skenderija,
Heidi Weiss, Jan Burkhardt, Saskia Assohoto, Sabrina Marwen and many more.

We are looking for motivated participants, who have experience in at least one of the four main styles.
All instructors have longstanding teaching experience and are looking forward to a focussed working atmosphere with a
steady group. SLIDE is verified and funded by Europäischer Sozialfonds Berlin and Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und

Application is possible until 14th october 2018.
Check and http://seneca- for further information.
** the homepage of SENECA INTENSIV is currently only available in German. Feel free to write an email to for any information that you need.

SENECA INTENSIV and FLYING STEPS ACADEMY are looking forward to meeting you!

Costs for participants: 1500 €