NOD can’t wait to start dancing again!
Sita Ostheimer will open the first quarter of the 2020/21 International Contemporary Dance Program from September 7 – 11 and October 5th-16th. Sita is also a mentor in the Mentoring Exchange Program, our new extra training proposal alongside the ICD program. Come join us!

Where: NOD Nuova Officina della Danza Torino Lavanderia a Vapore

When: September 7 – 11| Lavanderia a Vapore Collegno – Torino

Deadline for applications: As long as there is space

You will be guided through an improvisation technique, which emphasises the detailed and complex structure of your moving body and your mind/emotions connected to it, in order to be in control of your own physical instrument and therefore
continue to grow creatively and technically, emotionally. Embodying a play between images, situations,
feelings, rhythm, physical capability, in your honesty. Her physicality is built on fast rhythmical changes of emotions and Images. The movement language is expressive, fluent, sensual and earthy. The unique animalistic movement
language that arises.

About the ICD Program
NOD ICD Program 2020/21 is the experience you’re looking for to prepare you for your professional dance career, the only program where every week for 11 months a year, dancers switch styles, repertory and guest artists and choreographers that come from the greatest companies in the world.

How to apply / register: Register to the Google doc Form to the link
Send two videos, both no more than 1 min. each (2 min. max. in total).
The first of you improvising and the second of you performing a set choreography. Please also include a short bio and send all material to (Vimeo or Youtube NO password)

Costs for participants: For information about costs visit NOD Website

Contact details: Silvana

For further information, please visit

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