SINERGIA, where playful-improvisation-creation dynamics are generated to allow three or more bodies to touch either with physical contact, through space or even by intention.
Engaging with the fact that our bodies grow possibilities when they relay on other bodies, we let ourselves be driven by the commitment in between the group, approaching to each other through dynamics of contact and partnering, but also instant composition and different impulses that we have used in our own research.

Where: Studio Lörracherstraße 45, 2. OG, 79115 Freiburg i. Br., Germany

When: 25. & 26.11.2023

Deadline for applications: Early Bird price before 10.11.2023

Two days workshop with Colectivo R3M from Costa Rica: As a collective of four, our philosophy believes in networking and negotiation. We trust in self building as we build with others, and the same thing as dancers and choreographers. The main ax of the workshop is that movement benefits from the particularity of each body within the group.

How to register:

Register via Mail to:

Costs for participants: 80 €, early bird 60€ until 10.11.2023

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