SeaDance is very happy to announce a Duets Composition Workshop, during 2 weeks with Marion Sparber and Alan Fuentes y Guerra.

Where: Lagos, (Algarve) Portugal

When: 03 – 14 of June 2019

Deadline for applications: 15th of May 2019

Ten days, six hours classes.

Note : One week is possible. No conditions are required for the first week, but if you want to do the second week only, please write to the production team and send your CV and video. First and second week have different focus, and the program is slightly different.

This unique workshop provides training in both contemporary dance technique and partnering
You can choose : A+B = 60h or B=40h

A. Contemporary dance training, every morning 2 hours, alternating between Marion‘s and Alan’s classes :
From Inside to Outside with Marion Sparber
Espaciocontinuo with Alan Fuentes y Guerra

B. Partnering Workshop, every afternoon 4 hours:
Shared Levitation with Marion and Alan

These classes are the result of years of training and unique personal investigation from Marion Sparber and Alan Fuentes y Guerra on contemporary dance dynamics, techniques and partnership move. The combination of daily 2 hours technical courses from Alan with Espaciocontinuo, to more creative composition with Marion’s workshop From Inside to Outside will bring a deeper understanding of body continuous flow, expand the range of one’s possibilities and develop essential tools for everyone on the path of self-expression.
The emphasis of Shared Levitation partnering, with 4 hours per day, will enable the student to access the movement from a perspective of a deeper connection, direct the movement together as one functioning organism through space and come up with personalized duos to fully integrate the teachings with one’s personal flow and identity. This will motivate you to find a unique way of communicating with the partner, using individual solutions and variations of the rich material provided during this immersive workshop.


A+B = 60h
WS From Inside to Outside & Espaciocontinuo + WS Shared Levitation
>> early bird 420€
>> full price 600€

B = 40h
WS Shared Levitation
>> early bird 360€
>> full price 480€


If you want accommodation organized by SEADANCE – 200€
Sunday 2/06 to Saturday 15/06 Bed and Breakfast, with shared rooms

Southern Portugal well-known coast brings together all the elements for a delightful dance immersion, where you will be able to enjoy the breath-taking beaches and Lagos historical beauty.
Some parts of the Workshop will be happening outside, on the surrounding rock formations and beaches. One of the propositions will be a work on duo composition to create video-recordings. This will enable each participant to come back with some audiovisual material in this stunning environment, bringing together natural beauty and the evolution of one’s creative process in the dance.

Each Workshop organized by SEADANCE is a creative meeting point where training is provided and artists come together for creative sharing. We support spontaneous improvisation performances and provide performing spaces for the compositions that are being created during the workshop. We will be able to enjoy the gorgeous natural environment near the West Coast Natural Park of Costa Vicentina with 3 days of outdoor experiences, combining sport in nature and dance exploration. To conclude with some concrete material, we will combine short video-dance production with a performative public event.

We invite you to write an email with your name, nationality, date of birth, the program you choose (60h or 40h), with or without accommodation to
After receiving your details, we’ll send you the information for you to book your early bird place via an advance payment of 100€ that must be completed before the 20th of March.
This will confirm your venue. The final payment should then be done by the 15th of May.

For further information, please visit

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