Shadow Dancing is a research workshop bringing together tools of Flying Low, solo and duo improvisation and Brazilian jiu jitsu concepts through the metaphor of our shadow.

Where: b12 Festival Berlin, Germany

When: 17-20th July 2023

In this workshop we will work with duality and how two opposing truths can occupy the same space at the same time. In the research we will work with shadow as a metaphor (carl jung) and use tools from flying low (dz), solo/duo improvisation and jiu jitsu drills/concepts for our physical approach to the theme. Our shadow never leaves us, it can be shaped through light within us and our understanding of who we are. It changes, transforms and morphs through time. The shadow can be a place where we hide characteristics of our self. Is it a place where we live a different life? Does our shadow lie separate to who we are? We will start with ourselves, transforming through different states, passing through the reality and the imaginary. Duality is present in how two elements can coexist whether this be abstract or tangible, opposite or complementary, working to form a dynamic system. You will be led through different improvisation tasks, working with physical and emotional states, immediate change and the notion that restrictions create freedom. We will work in pairs to create a space for a witness, a support, a director, an instigator, a shadow… We will move, play, laugh, sing, discuss and create something together. This research has been developing through the choreographic processes linked to 3 fingers at arm’s length (2017), Curl of hair (2021), and a new duet (2023).

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Costs for participants:
4 days /16 h total w.t. / €190 – early bird* / €210 – regular / €175 – ten years of prof. exp.

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